Why go with Coinis Self Serve Advertising?

Ad serving made simple and effective

Start ASAP

Our self-serve facilitates immediate integration into our system and guarantees approval process with no waiting periods.

Absolute Control

Take charge of all your ad activities with our intuitive dashboard. Create countless A/B tests whenever you want.

Track & Measure

Real-time reports make data gathering a favorite activity. You’ll love refreshing your stats after every conversion

World-wide Audience

Your ads can catch the eyeballs of users across 200+ countries, with more than 2B impressions each day.

Our custom-made ad platform had been specifically designed to provide advertisers with a wide scope of possibilities to reach more audiences through the predictive power of our algorithm.

Try the new ad format that naturally clicks with your audience

Push Notifications are a novelty in the advertising sphere and the next wave you’ll have to catch on.


Only pay when users click on your ad

High CR

In comparison to other ad formats

100% visibility

For better ad reach and reception

Best performing Ad Formats

Push Notifications are a novelty in the advertising sphere and the next wave you’ll have to catch on.

Clickable messages sent to users when they subscribe to updates.

Contextual ads that appear based on web browsing activity.

Ads that blend perfectly with the rest of your web site’s content.

Advantages of our Self-Serve Ad Platform

Target CPA

Make sure to stay within the boundaries of your budget by making targeted CPA decisions for your campaigns.

Micro Bidding

Optimize and bid for maximum performance according to parameters like OS type, location, hour, site placement, and more..

Automation Rules

Set up and optimize intelligently by spending less time for campaign management through automated rules.

Min. $0.001 per click

Bid as high as $8 CPC for premium traffic or as low as $0.001 per click for less engaging audiences based on GEOs, OS, or other parameters.

Tracking & Reporting

Collect insightful data that will give your campaigns the necessary performance boost after optimization.

Anti-Fraud Tech

Our sophisticated AdTech fraud filtering protects your campaigns by spotting all: IP addresses, click& action timestamps, user agents.

Verticals you can advertise

Push ads are a universal ad format that works with any type of products, services, or CPA offers.




World-wide Traffic Inventory

With 45% less in pricing than other CPC formats (native or banner ads), Push is currently the most attractive means of advertising and is available in more than 200 countries.

It is for these very facts that we have more than 40k daily active campaigns on our platform.

Creative directions

Get help from our designer and compliance team with creative guidelines or custom developed visuals that are in accordance with IAB standards or specific to your niche.

Managed campaigns for exclusive partners

Work closely with one of our experienced account managers who will configure your campaigns and creatives according to best practices, current trends, your business KPIs, and more.

How to fund your account

We support all major payment methods.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our platform

Our Partners


It is pretty simple. Register and fill in your details. Select that you would like to become an advertiser and you will be contacted by our team. They will help you with immediate integration into our system while the approval process is minimal.

Let’s see what ad formats would work best for your type of offer. Ad inventory is available for all devices, platforms and GEOs. Available for both mobile and desktop.

We do have our terms and ad quality guidelines and all advertisers who apply to our platform need to follow these guidelines. If you have some special requirements and concerns, please feel free to write to us via the contact form.

Start as soon as today

The entire integration process is so seamless that advertisers can start advertising within a few minutes


Campaign creation

Create ad campaigns effortlessly with our simple & intuitive self-serve platform.


Live on-site

As soon as your campaign gets approved, ads will appear live to our pool of publishers.


Count conversions

Wait for a few minutes and start bearing the fruits of your campaign.

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