Native Ads and Why Run Them With Coinis

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Written by Tamara Jelic

Native Ads and Why Run Them With Coinis

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We are pretty sure you’ve heard about Native ads, but in case you are here for the first time and want to monetize your website traffic with ads blending in – stay here, read the blog, register, and start making money with your website.

What are Native Ads?

To put it simple: Native ads are content widgets which you place on your webpage and they look like a preview of a regular article. Many users do not notice the difference between if that is an ad or an article.

Native widgets like any blog on your website contain a Title and an Image. A description is also an option if you would like it to seem as it has a preview. Do not worry about how the title is going to be or the size of the photo because we got all the recommendations in our Publisher Platform.

One of the good things is also that native ads are visible on all devices and they automatically fit all devices and screen sizes.

Why Choose Native Ads Format?

Analytics show that many people do actually know that these are ads indeed, but they choose to click on them – because they capture the attention and offer some value for the user.

Our experience shows that the engagement rate is very high as compared to some traditional ad formats. Thanks to our smart ad technology the relevance of the ads is also good – targeting the audience according to their interests, and they are non- intrusive. They do not interrupt their user experience and the ads could actually match your content.

Good news for advertisers is that they pay for clicks which are real, and our native ads align with Ad Blockers. This multiplies your chances of earning higher income from your website.

Higher Conversion Rate is The Answer

Yes, the purchase intent is higher than 50% and the delivery is 6 times higher as well. Native ads are getting more and more popular since people tend to pay attention to them more than on regular banner ads.

It was also noted that users do read the content from the native ads format almost the same way they read any other article. Because, people are generally educated on how internet marketing works – they became kind of immune to ads and traditional ad formating.

So, by introducing Sponsored Content you are able to blend in the ads with your regular content. You will be able to synchronize your monetization strategies with your brand’s image.

As from our side, we carefully screen all partners and approve only content that comes from renown news media and verified demand partners.

Native Ads With Coinis

It is easy as it sounds and as it looks. You just need to register on our Publisher Platform. When you get contacted and approved by our support team you will have your own dashboard to create the ads you want.

The great thing about this is that you do not need an account manager. You can set everything up by yourself. You can create as well In-page push, Smartlink Push campaigns.

When you get your registration details open your dashboard:

  1. Click on Campaings & Zones
  2. Click on Add Zone
  3. Choose Native Ads as a monetization solution

There you will have the possibility to customize your widget so it will blend perfectly in your website content. You can adjust the size of the banner, the font, the size of the font, color, everything.

The steps you should take are copying the code you’ve generated and placing it on your website. You may track all the clicks on the dashboard by pressing Statistics.

Short Guidelines Before Starting Your First Campaign

  • Check your Website Score on SimilarWeb (if the score is not good (higher than 900k) at the time, please try again in about a month or two)
  • Your visitor should be able to distinguish regular articles from our native ads
  • Adequately inform your visitor that there will be content of commercial nature (Sponsored Content, Check this out etc.)
  • Native ads should be in a font, colour, or shade that is easy to read
  • Native Widgets can be generated separately and used for the website approved only
  • Incentive or any type of incentive marketing is not recommended
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