We make the most of
your extension

An innovative monetization solutions for developers and programmers
alike who own browser add-ons.

After working our fingers to the bone
we have finally created a hassle-free environment for browser add-ons to be monetized. Simple one-click installs allow users for a fast opening of a new extension where developers get rapidly paid for their digital creation.

user experience

An easily navigable and unobtrusive interface secure the user’s install path, making it simple to pass through the installer without being annoyed by ads, and with an optional control system.

Precise Reports

We enable partners to track all actions through our platform and/or daily reports via email. Some of the data we provide are S2S pixel tracking, GEO, precise timestamps, shared revenue, and more.

24/7 support team

You will be guided through each step of the journey by a unionized crew of account managers whose purpose is to see you succeed with your top-notch plugins.

Lifting up your Lifetime ROI

We are extension owners ourselves. That’s why we know how important monetization is to keep your vision afloat. By understanding what you need, we are able to provide it; with tools that will boost your earnings.