How do I use the postback option?

Our activities and clicks/downloads/installs are tracked using real-time data. These reports are transparent, accurate, and reported in real-time, so you can easily integrate postback and check what is happening on your account. 

You’ll see the stats for the last ten days by default and general overviews of the campaigns. If you want deeper insights, enter the statistics section, where you can use more filters and follow the data. 

Quick reminder – you can use our mobile application to check the statistics of your campaigns. The application is available on both iOS and Android.

We also have an advanced tracking system to provide instantaneous analytics and sub-ID level stats. Such features will give you complete transparency when monitoring the progress of your monetization campaign. 

How to set up a postback option?

You can choose between the Push CPS model and Push Rev-share when you click decide to ADD ZONE. Both models allow you to have postback options.

Push CPS models mean getting paid for each qualified subscriber who allows requests to receive notifications, and Push Rev-Share means having the ability to earn money per each impression from subscribers.

When you choose between these two ad formats, start adding zone details:

  1. Zone Title – Enter the title for your zone. It will help you identify your performance in Statistics.
  2. Web Site where JS will be added – Please provide the website’s name where this .js file will be placed. You may put your entire website or just one page of your website. Putting the .js file on just one page of your website will affect that page, not the whole website.
  3. Set up additional settings for your website (HTTP-HTTPS)
  4. Set up additional settings for your website
    1. Postback, your own tracker, for tracking subscription
    2. Add content locker. It will prevent users from interacting with the site until they subscribe. 
    3. Set up SmartLink to get additional monetization. Means, monetize users who click “block.”
Coinis postback set up
  1. Choose a frequency: Low (3 notifications per hour), Medium (6 notifications per hour), and High (12 notifications per hour)
  2. Then click on Create & Get Tag for your website.

What you can track?

Postback URL allows us to fire a server-to-server pixel on your conversions so that you can have the option to integrate your own tracker. This allows you to track them independently. You can follow based on your {Conversion ID}, {Country code}, {Lead price}, and {Source}

There is link example on the platform for you to double check if set up went smoothly.

{CONVERSATION_ID} is our platform, and you should not change it, just the parameter before, like clik_id, depending on your tracker. 

What you can track on Coinis platform

For an additional explanation, go to our website

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