I have several sub-domains. Can I use one approved code for my domain on all my subdomains?

Ad channels represent quite simple, but very powerful method to control your traffic. In other words, creation of new channels for every link and banner that you place can be traceable. As a result, you are able to check which channels bring best results, which channels are not working quite well, and you can build and develop your ad strategy based on that information.

Before we clarify whether your ad channel code can be used for an approved site on all sub-domains, we should shed light on the term sub-domain.

Due to the fact that some users usually mix up sub-domains and sub-directories, it is worth mentioning that sub-domains are any prefix to the main domain in the defined format, while sub-directories stand for any suffix to the main domain in the defined format.

When you visit a certain website, you may spot that the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) faintly changes depending on your current location on the website. For instance, if you decide to check out Google’s website google.com, you will have access to all the tools and services that this website provides.

After that, let’s say that you want to use Google docs. Since Google docs is hosted on docs.google.com, docsrepresents the sub-domain. Although the URL faintly changes, you would still be on Google’s site, under Google’s domain.

Basically, sub-domain stands for a piece of additional information added to the beginning of a webpage’s domain. In addition to that, sub-domains are usually created to manage and navigate different sections of your website and you can create multiple sub-domains on your main domain.

Finally, since the main domain hosts other sub-domains, it is possible to use the same ad channel code on all sub-domains.

To put it differently, if you decide to create sub-domains for an approved site, you can post content and ads on it.

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