What are the types of ads that I can use?

You can choose from:

Push Rev-Share – The best long-term option. Your subscribers bring constant revenue due to the nature of this format. In addition, you can assess the traffic quality any time you want, as its performance directly affects your income. Best of all – users don’t have a habit of unsubscribing, so you can keep collecting revenue from your previous subscribers.

Push CPS – Revenue from each qualified subscriber. This format allows you to collect your revenue the moment the user subscribes, so you won’t have to wait for ad delivery. You also get real-time insight into the revenue stream since it can be calculated based on the number of subscribers. Finally, did we mention that your revenue won’t depend on advertisers’ campaign performance?

In-Page Push – Earning with every ad click on your website. This ad format is an excellent choice for publishers who love to be out there because it works on ALL devices – even iOS. The flow is simple: a user clicks on the ad, and you get paid. Fun fact: This ad format guarantees higher engagement because in-page push notifications receive more clicks than any other ad format.

Contextual ads – You’ve seen them before – they are all over the internet! With them, you get ads based on the content of your webpage. The ads are displayed as a widget and can match your website’s look and style, making them more effective than other ads and leading to higher click-through rates. Most importantly, they are the cleanest type of ads on the internet, and they are the least intrusive for 

the end-user. 

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