Which payment methods do you support? When do I get paid?

Which payment methods do you support? When do I get paid? We all know that one of the most important parts of the business is how you can get paid through our Publisher platform. The minimum amount that Publisher needs to earn to get a payout is $300. Also, it is very important to mention that we work on Net30, which means that we can pay the invoice within 30 days of the Publisher sending us the invoice for payment. When the Publisher reaches the specified amount of $300 for the first time, they will get a notification via email by our team to inform them that they has earned their first $300 with Coinis. In order to receive the payment, the Publisher will have to fill in and sign the attached Insertion Order (IO) by hand or DocuSign and send it back to the same email address that they got from Coinis Publisher platform. Upon that, if Publisher is not sure what the invoice should look like, the Publisher will have the template of the invoice on our Publisher Platform, which he can download (find it under Payment History). For the invoice, the Publisher will need to fill in all the necessary data and send it to our email address. When it comes to Payment, Publisher can choose between existing payment methods on our Publisher Platform: Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. The Publisher may have as many Payment methods as they wishes, but only one of them may be set as default. When Publisher adds Payoneer as a new payment method, they must complete the registration via Payoneer sign-up link. Once you complete it, Publisher will have to wait for the verification, so the status of the added payment method will be pending before we verify Publisher added payment information. When Publisher adds PayPal as a payment method, they will need to confirm their email address in order to get paid. For the Wire Payment method, the Publisher will have to add the following information: Bank name, Bank country, Bank city, Bank address, Account number, IBAN, SWIFT, Currency, and they can also make a note. The Publisher can permanently delete the payment method that they would like to be removed and replace it with the new one. On our Publisher Platform, under Finance and Payments, the Publisher can find Account Statements, where they can follow your daily revenue by each platform. In addition, the Publisher can filter their revenue by date and Platform (Publisher, Search, N2S, Affiliate Programs. In the table below, Publisher will be presented with the following information: Date, Debit, Credit, Balance, Platform, and Note related to their revenue stats. The Publisher can access their payment history in the table under that section. Publisher will get insight into the Date, Status, Description, Transaction ID, Payment Method, Amount, Platform, and Actions of their invoices. Good luck with Coinis Publisher Platform!

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