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Podgorica, Montenegro

About us

Coinis is a successful ad tech company that puts emphasis primarily on personal development and career challenges with innovative projects. The collective consists of hot-blooded, passionate, and hard-powered professionals who indulge in every task with devotion and enthusiasm.  META (Facebook) Ads Performance Manager  will work with the internal marketing team to plan, manage, and execute company-wide digital marketing and lead generation efforts. This will include strategy, execution and optimization of performance across all digital channels – Web, social, retargeting and online advertising campaigns such as Facebook & Instagram ads. This individual will be engaged in developing the organization’s cross-channel communication strategies as well as managing the day-to-day digital marketing initiatives.

About your position

  • Coordination with designers and participation in creating visuals for ads and promotional material
  • Creating New Facebook, Instagram Ads, Instagram Story Ads, Dynamic and Remarketing Ads
  • Optimizing existing Ads and conversion tracking (improving quality score, decreasing budget, while maintaining conversion rates)
  • Creating Audiences, Look-Alike Audiences, and Remarketing Audiences
  • Creating Strategies for Cold Audiences
  • Creating and developing keyword targeting lists and strategies
  • Work with other colleagues who create Landing pages to help with optimization
  • Develop innovative ways to promote all products and projects Coinis is working on
  • Keep up with current events and social media trends
  • Attention to detail and critical thinking skills
  • Identifying online media buying opportunities by analyzing data and maximize conversions
  • Develop and maintain reporting on all levels of data from keyword to campaign for ROI and coverage metrics
  • Deep understanding of Google Analytics and analyze GA data and track performance and analyze campaign goals
  • Research
  • Working with Managers in order to create appropriate advertising strategies
  • Need to be able to create a range of ideas and strategies for campaigns



  • Bachelor’s, Specialist’s or Master’s Degree in a marketing-related field preferred


  • Demonstrated success in positioning and launching differentiated products that meet and exceed business objectives
  • 4+ years experience in managing campaigns via Facebook, Instagram ads and minimal spent of $30k per month
  • Minimum 4 years of experience with Google Analytics and GA Data, etc.
  • Strong understanding of marketing - social, search or mobile and deep understanding of the digital media ecosystem
  • Ability to dive into the verticals which you will own.
  • Solid technical understanding of ad products and/or customers’/shoppers journey
  • Proven record of successful product launches for advertising, and/or eCommerce industry
  • Experience in market analysis
  • Experience with data collection and analysis which impacted media strategies and execution
  • Strong Background in Copywriting is a plus

Skills in order of relevance:

  • Highly proactive person with strong attention to detail
  • Fluency in English 
  • Extensive knowledge of Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads 
  • Knowledge of the various paid marketing channels and technologies, including paid search (Google AdWords), retargeting, social network advertising (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more), and content distribution and placement networks like Outbrain and Taboola.
  • Conversion based tracking campaigns experience
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail, Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong quantitative skills
  • Familiarity with agile methodologies is a bonus

What we offer

  • Competitive pay (above industry standards)
  • Paid private health insurance
  • Paid meal inside of the company (Company’s private cook)
  • Paid gym membership and gym on company premises
  • Paid commuting cost if living outside the city or further distance
  • Multiple annual company retreats
  • Flexible work hours
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Mental day Leave (If it is not your day - We get it, take a day OFF!)

Other Information

Recruitment Process

  • Talent Acquisition - Our HR reviews applications and highlights potential candidates for further screening over the phone.
  • Phone Check - A Coinis senior in your field will call you to discuss your background, and confirm your interest for the job.
  • In-person Interview - Tour our offices and get to see what it’s like to be part of the team. After we conduct the interview, of course.
  • Topic-Related Task - We sometimes go for brain teasers, at other times we arrange more complex assignments to measure your abilities.
  • Official Proposal - After such tiresome screening, an offer will be finally sent to the right candidate. We are waiting for you!

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