Who We Are

Coinis is an acknowledged publisher from the past, now utilizing that same experience in service of webmasters, app developers, and other publishers.

We know what you're looking for, you just have to ask.

Defined by Our Undisputed Success

In the Past

We were mostly active as high-performing publishers and have worked with some of the most prominent ad networks around the globe.

Throughout this journey we established countless partnerships (of which many have been maintained over the years), created a myriad of campaigns, disrupted the whole industry with through the roof benchmarks, left our footprint in the advertising sphere.

In the Now

A Clear Mission

The founding fathers of Coinis' mothership made sure to enforce three main characteristics into every fresh team member.

Dedication - Displaying absolute commitment to building/retaining a strong brand image.

Integrity - Preserving strong moral principles and being honest in all business conduct.

Professionalism - Using everybody's acumen to conclude anything we launch with excellence.

  • 9+

    years of experience

  • 16

    team building sessions

  • 42

    conferences attended

  • 8

    cats adopted (so far)

Now we're counting a company of more than 90 individuals who act and breathe as one in the AdTech industry.

Social Responsibility

Getting involved with the community is one of the crucial aspects of our work. Here's how we help those around us.

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Coinis Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all professionals who are ready to work in a dynamic environment are welcome to join Coinis. Make sure you check our careers page and apply for open positions if applicable.

When you ask it this way, we do actually have open positions all the time. With 90+ people working we see that we actually always need more people 🙂 So you are welcome to apply anytime.