Highest Ad Viewability Through AI-based and Contextually Relevant Content

Maximize your ad revenue with smart Contextual Ads and open up for global demand that's worth billions of dollars.

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The Benefits of Coinis' Advertising Platform

Tap into unique search demand



Brand and


sponsored ads and content


With our innovative, easy-to-use ad platform, you will learn to understand your audience better and provide them with the perfect customer experience they want and need.

No Cookies, High Engagement

Our partnership is based on respecting user privacy in the advertising landscape. Which is why you won't have to rely on user data to make profits anymore, since it's the relevancy of your content that will contribute towards your revenue yield.

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  • Optimization Done Dynamically

    Beyond par ad-serving efficiency

    Our system recognizes topic relevant keywords and optimizes towards displaying the ad that's most likely to convert with your visitor.

    Copy/paste implementation

    To activate contextual ads you simply grab our short snippet of code, add it to your site, and ads will start showing up. Choose between multiple ad formats, or combine them altogether.

  • Intuitive & Responsive Ad Units

    Customize Ad Units to Fit

    With our customization options you can tailor your contextual ads to mimic the environment of your website, shaping them in preferred sizes and colors. Of course, IAB standardized units are available too!

    Dynamically generated ads

    Within seconds, the predictive algorithm of our system displays relevant content that has the highest yield potential. Ads will be auto-optimized according to the user's interest.

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Maintain Complete Control


Restrict Certain
Ad Topics



over sponsored ads
and content


You have the data, we have the tools

No matter how smart and autonomously our algorithms work towards maximizing your revenue, you can still micro-manage what your audience will see. Remove influence targeting, unwanted ad topics or specific advertisers in whole if user experience calls for it.

Performance Tracking in Real-time

Extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to view earnings with drill-downs by sites, ad tags, and date range, all while having full and live oversight of impressions as they come.

Creating Valuable and Lasting Partnerships

Upon registration we will advise you on what actions to take to get accepted by Bing & Yahoo as our search partners. Our good relations with the network allow for a simple and time-saving integration.


Precision Targeting on Page Level

Our technology scans your site for listed keywords and other relevant pages to enhance targeting techniques. The system's decisions are based on content that is already on your site, rather than focusing on user behavior.

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