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Maximize your ad revenue with smart Contextual Ads and open up for global demand that's worth billions of dollars.

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The Benefits of Coinis' Advertising Platform

Tap into unique search demand,



Brand and


sponsored ads and content


With our innovative, easy-to-use ad platform, you will learn to understand your audience better and provide them with the perfect customer experience they want and need.

No Cookies, High Engagement

Our partnership is based on respecting user privacy in the advertising landscape. Which is why you won't have to rely on user data to make profits anymore, since it's the relevancy of your content that will contribute towards your revenue yield.

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  • Optimization Done Dynamically

    Beyond par ad-serving efficiency

    Our system recognizes topic relevant keywords and optimizes towards displaying the ad that's most likely to convert with your visitor.

    Copy/paste implementation

    To activate contextual ads you simply grab our short snippet of code, add it to your site, and ads will start showing up. Choose between multiple ad formats, or combine them altogether.

  • Intuitive & Responsive Ad Units

    Customize Ad Units to Fit

    With our customization options you can tailor your contextual ads to mimic the environment of your website, shaping them in preferred sizes and colors. Of course, IAB standardized units are available too!

    Dynamically generated ads

    Within seconds, the predictive algorithm of our system displays relevant content that has the highest yield potential. Ads will be auto-optimized according to the user's interest.

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Maintain Complete Control


Restrict Certain
Ad Topics



over sponsored ads
and content


You have the data, we have the tools

No matter how smart and autonomously our algorithms work towards maximizing your revenue, you can still micro-manage what your audience will see. Remove influence targeting, unwanted ad topics or specific advertisers in whole if user experience calls for it.

Performance Tracking in Real-time

Extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to view earnings with drill-downs by sites, ad tags, and date range, all while having full and live oversight of impressions as they come.

Creating Valuable and Lasting Partnerships

Upon registration we will advise you on what actions to take to get accepted by Bing & Yahoo as our search partners. Our good relations with the network allow for a simple and time-saving integration.


Precision Targeting on Page Level

Our technology scans your site for listed keywords and other relevant pages to enhance targeting techniques. The system's decisions are based on content that is already on your site, rather than focusing on user behavior.

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Serve Contextually Relevant Ads to Your Audience

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, congratulations! Now that your account has been approved, you can start earning money through our program. The next step involves creating your dedicated campaigns and finishing up your integration. If you are a direct publisher you may create your own campaigns using our Publisher Platform. Every step of the campaign creation process you will have clear instructions on how to do it. If, on the other hand, you shall have any difficulties, feel free to reach out.

If you are a direct publisher you will be contacted by our Business Development Manager and they will help you with starting your campaigns. If you are a media buyer or if you have traffic, It should take no more than 15 minutes for developers to finish the process. If you’re having problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

Yes, our company is able to provide you with solutions to monetize your browser extensions. You would be able to choose from multiple monetization solutions. We can give you our premium Yahoo or Bing search feed and use our Push solution for your browser extension. You may also combine Search + Native + Push Notifications which equals a full-circle monetization solution.

Yes, Coinis has a vast inventory of browser extensions and products which we bought after evaluation of each product. Shoot as an email and we can discuss.

Which payment methods do you support? When do I get paid? We all know that one of the most important parts of the business is how you can get paid through our Publisher platform. The minimum amount that Publisher needs to earn to get a payout is $300. Also, it is very important to mention that we work on Net30, which means that we can pay the invoice within 30 days of the Publisher sending us the invoice for payment. When the Publisher reaches the specified amount of $300 for the first time, they will get a notification via email by our team to inform them that they has earned their first $300 with Coinis. In order to receive the payment, the Publisher will have to fill in and sign the attached Insertion Order (IO) by hand or DocuSign and send it back to the same email address that they got from Coinis Publisher platform. Upon that, if Publisher is not sure what the invoice should look like, the Publisher will have the template of the invoice on our Publisher Platform, which he can download (find it under Payment History). For the invoice, the Publisher will need to fill in all the necessary data and send it to our email address. When it comes to Payment, Publisher can choose between existing payment methods on our Publisher Platform: Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. The Publisher may have as many Payment methods as they wishes, but only one of them may be set as default. When Publisher adds Payoneer as a new payment method, they must complete the registration via Payoneer sign-up link. Once you complete it, Publisher will have to wait for the verification, so the status of the added payment method will be pending before we verify Publisher added payment information. When Publisher adds PayPal as a payment method, they will need to confirm their email address in order to get paid. For the Wire Payment method, the Publisher will have to add the following information: Bank name, Bank country, Bank city, Bank address, Account number, IBAN, SWIFT, Currency, and they can also make a note. The Publisher can permanently delete the payment method that they would like to be removed and replace it with the new one. On our Publisher Platform, under Finance and Payments, the Publisher can find Account Statements, where they can follow your daily revenue by each platform. In addition, the Publisher can filter their revenue by date and Platform (Publisher, Search, N2S, Affiliate Programs. In the table below, Publisher will be presented with the following information: Date, Debit, Credit, Balance, Platform, and Note related to their revenue stats. The Publisher can access their payment history in the table under that section. Publisher will get insight into the Date, Status, Description, Transaction ID, Payment Method, Amount, Platform, and Actions of their invoices. Good luck with Coinis Publisher Platform!

Please give us up to 48-72 business hours to process the approval of your account.

Upon signing up, you get login details which allows you to sign in wherever, whenever and check on your daily revenue. Your activities and clicks/downloads/installs are tracked using real-time data. These reports are transparent, accurate and reported on a real-time basis so you can easily monitor what is happening with your account. We also have an advanced tracking system to provide you with instantaneous analytics and sub-ID level stats. Such features will give you complete transparency when monitoring the progress of your monetization campaign.

Yes we can. We have direct Yahoo and Bing Deals and we are working with some shopping sites which are embedding your search into their websites and making queries like this – So we are open for testing. We can do 80/20 rev-share and Net45 payment terms.

Yes, we accept publishers and advertisers from all around the globe. We serve more than 100 million ad impressions per day with the option to serve ads in multiple languages.

We are selling Push and Pop traffic via XML feed, on CPC basis. Everything is done on in-house platform. Mobile (Android) and Desktop (mostly Windows 10) traffic is separated.

These ads match the look of your content and match the media format in which they appear – and the joy about them is that they dont look like ads. They are non-disruptive and users usually engage with them.

We have our own inhouse platform and we track this on a daily basis. Besides that, we are in constant communication with our advertizers and as soon as we get a complaint from the advertizer we inspect this traffic source.

Native to search is a type of ad format which is served on native traffic. The user gets directed to a landing page with premium search ads. These search ads are from different verticals (finance, investing, travel, etc.) After the user clicks on any of the ads they get directed to the search page which gives them results based on the category they have selected.

If you have, that’s great – if not, we are providing one for you and you will be able to track all conversions and installs in our platform.

There are two flows: one-click flow and two-click flow. The first one includes one landing page, which users get after interacting with a native ad from a website. This one shows ads from keywords in the search engine. The second one is a two-click flow, where the user is taken to an intermediary page after interacting with a native ad. They get redirected to all related search ad suggestions based on the sponsored keyword listing initially clicked.

There are many categories that you can work with as for Native to Search. Among many, we recommend beauty, insurance, education, gadgets, dental implants, software, and finance. Did you have some particular vertical in mind? Feel free to contact us, and we will help you out.

The uninstall rate also depends on the quality of the extension and what value that extension provides. It could be 15 days it could be 1 day it could be kept forever. it all depends on the value of the extension.

Yes. In our inventory we have more than 5 000 different landing pages (and growing) for many products that we own internally plus many others that we can promote by given licenses of respected companies.

No, there aren’t! You can have an unlimited number of campaigns. We, of course, recommend you to focus on the quality of your campaigns, not the quantity.

We do have our terms and ad quality guidelines and all advertisers who apply to our platform need to follow these guidelines. If you have some special requirements and concerns, please feel free to write to us via the contact form.

Let’s see what ad formats would work best for your type of offer. Ad inventory is available for all devices, platforms and GEOs. Available for both mobile and desktop.

It is pretty simple. Register and fill in your details. Select that you would like to become an advertiser and you will be contacted by our team. They will help you with immediate integration into our system while the approval process is minimal.

Native ads usually have an almost real article look, but when you look closely, they have a ‘Sponsored Content’ mark in the upper left or right corner. You may also see signs like: Recommended Content, Suggested Videos, Sponsored content, Promoted stories etc.

We mostly work with utility offers for both mobile and desktop traffic. Regarding the desktop traffic, we have our in-house installers and browser extensions. When it comes to mobile traffic, we mainly work with VPNs and various cleaners. And finally, the offer that comprises both desktop and mobile traffic is our push notification one click offer which, at the moment, is our star product with an amazingly high CR and available for world wide.

They are mostly websites belonging to a download vertical, thus streaming, file-sharing, gaming websites on both mainstream and other traffic.

Obviously, the US is the best performing country in most of the cases, followed by other Tier 1 GEOs such as UK, CA, AU. However, in many cases and depending on the offer, all GEOs have good potential just waiting to be discovered.

We have been present for more than 9 years! Feels like we started yesterday.

Push notifications are small pop-up windows which appear in a browser when you visit a certain website. For example, you as a website owner can integrate this ad format in a few simple steps and follow your stats real time in your publisher dashboard. Your visitors will be able to allow or block notifications in the push widget that you serve. This ad format is pretty popular in all GEOs.

To put it simply, it is a practice of purchasing traffic via Native ads from platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo! Gemini where you create and buy ad placement for a specific keyword, and when user clicks on this ad, they are getting redirected to a search page powered by Bing, Yahoo or some other provider.

We block the source from which the traffic is coming from. In case we discover that you were responsible for fraudulent activities, Coinis keeps the right to terminate your access to the and/or block your future access to our publisher platform.

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. Native ads are often found in social media feeds or recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don’t look like ads. They look like part of the editorial flow of the page. The key to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive – it exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb

You do not get instant login credentials. Our compliance team has to check the information you provided to us, and if you fulfill our requirements regarding your traffic, we will provide you with login credentials. Once you reach out daily revenue of a 100$ you will get a dedicated account manager to additionally help you monetize.

Please contact us via chat on our website, leave your contact details and we will send you a link with a reset password button. After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the login page, where you can set your login credentials again.

Monetizing your extension can be a great way of driving passive income. No matter if you have a Firefox Addon, Edge extension or a Chrome extension, you can monetize its’ search feed and start earning money. The most common search feeds used on all the browser extensions and add-ons are Bing & Yahoo.

Another common way of monetizing your extension is selling advertising space. It involves displaying ads when the user uses the extension.
Display ads, for example, are a popular ad option when it comes to monetization. It entails displaying a variety of advertisements, including interactive, pop-up, video, and interstitial ads.

We offer many monetization solutions for your browser extension. From direct search monetization to push ads, we can help you reach your greatest potential. Contact us and start monetizing your extension today.

The last option is selling the extension, which will most likely be a one-time payment, instead of the passive income.

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