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Best Suitable For:

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are a major part of the search sdk ecosystem with monetizing chrome extension traffic with premium search feeds such as Bing and Yahoo.

Firefox Add-Ons

Firefox Add-Ons

Search Feed implementation for firefox add-ons is a simple step to maximize revenue for every click. Typed-in search is made easier with daily optimization done from our innovative technology.

Android Apps

Android Apps

Besides desktop ads, mobile apps can be additionally monetized with search feeds while you ensure that your userbase reaches relevant content and fine user experience.

Combine Search, Native and Push Notification Ads to Get a Full Circle Monetization Solution

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Upon registration, we will advise you further on what actions to take to get accepted by Bing & Yahoo, our search partners and start monetizing your extension. Our great relations with them will assure a more streamlined procedure.

Direct Search Feed Monetization

No middlemen. All our feeds are directly connected to the source and warrant the highest possible RPMs on the market. We further back our promise with a deep algo that auto-optimizes per keyword and makes perfect Quality Scores possible.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Every SUBID gets a separate record. With our dashboard you'll be able to track all results with a intelligent system that, through A/B tests, can easily differentiate which feed should be best served at what hour.

Monetize Search with Native Ads

If you want to get more from your native feed, we advise you to include our search feed monetization to collect earnings in GEOs where regular feeds aren't competitive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Native to search is one great option for your extension! By including our search feed monetisation you will have access to all GEOs where regular feeds aren’t as competitive.

Monetizing your Chrome extension can be a great way of driving passive income. Wether you you have a Chrome Extension, Firefox Addon, Edge extension, you can monetize its’ search feed and start earning money. The most common search feeds used on all the browser extensions and add-ons are Bing & Yahoo.

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Another common way of monetizing your extension is selling advertising space. It involves displaying ads when the user uses the extension. Display ads, for example, are a popular option when it comes to monetization. It entails displaying a variety of advertisements, including interactive, pop-up, video, and interstitial ads.

Extension owners can also make revenue when users download their browser extensions in a way that offers related apps and other relevant services. Fix price for each download can be set.

We offer many monetization solutions for your browser extension. From direct monetization solutions to push ads, we can help you reach your greatest potential. Contact us and start monetizing your extension today.

The last option is selling the extension, which will most likely be a one-time payment, instead of the passive income.

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Search Monetization or Search Feed Monetization is a monetization method where individuals/affiliates/businesses generate revenue through the use of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and Search Feeds (Yahoo!, Bing, etc.).

Besides this, this type of monetization includes displaying sponsored units or content with the search results on the side. This also offers paid search listings and this advertising space is being sold on searhc engine results pages.

Basically, you are making money from the clicks on search pages which contain relevant ads matching the keyword they end user ia searching for. The revenue depends on the quality of advertising and the user experience. For example, there are keywords which are higher in demand and that generate more revenue. The other factor is the popularity of the search feed or engine.