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Wheter you are Website Owner, Media Buyer, you can utilise power of Search Ads by either adding them on your sites or by running our Search Ads on other platforms.


Multiple output options

Buy traffic with Taboola, Outbrain, Facebook, Yahoo Gemini, Bing Ads

Optimized and test content

Get users to click on your ads with our curated and optimised landing pages with proposed keywords & topics with highest revenue per click

Make money when people click your ads

Voila!You make money when they click on Search Ad - Yes, that simple

We have two types of flows available

One-step flow

One-step flow

Immediate redirect

By clicking on the ad that had been seamlessly integrated into the site, the user is redirected to the search page.

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Two-step flow

Redirection through landing page

This way is almost similar to the previous flow above, but the user is first directed to your landing page before they've routed to search page.

Both flows are equaly good, which one will work better depends from your traffic source

Meaningful user experience with content of users interest

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Easy navigation through all of your statistics

Track all your Native or Display to Search campaigns performance via our dashboard or automated reports. Don't miss a thing that influences your campaign performance.

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Implement Search Ads on Your Website

Our implementation is easy, and we offer you to option to redirect anything to search - and to make profit off it! Make sure you follow all provided steps for the maximum monetization.

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Native to search is a type of ad format which is served on native traffic. The user gets directed to a landing page with premium search ads. These search ads are from different verticals (finance, investing, travel, etc.) After the user clicks on any of the ads they get directed to the search page which gives them results based on the category they have selected.

There are two flows: one-click flow and two-click flow. The first one includes one landing page, which users get after interacting with a native ad from a website. This one shows ads from keywords in the search engine. The second one is a two-click flow, where the user is taken to an intermediary page after interacting with a native ad. They get redirected to all related search ad suggestions based on the sponsored keyword listing initially clicked.

There are many categories that you can work with as for Native to Search. Among many, we recommend beauty, insurance, education, gadgets, dental implants, software, and finance. Did you have some particular vertical in mind? Feel free to contact us, and we will help you out.

To put it simply, it is a practice of purchasing traffic via Native ads from platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo! Gemini where you create and buy ad placement for a specific keyword, and when user clicks on this ad, they are getting redirected to a search page powered by Bing, Yahoo or some other provider.

The great thing about Native to Search is that you do not need it at all, and that's why marketers LOVE IT. Acquire traffic and then send it to a monetized page of search results from engines on trending and best-paid keywords.

Yes, you can do it yourself. However, we have a solution for our publishers where we scan your content and add the best and high-paying keywords that match your content. We call it "Search Suggest".

Of course, you can. It is 100% allowed and compliant since Facebook is a great traffic source, and you can also make targeting based on the user's intention, which is the entire point of ads, in this case, to make them super useful for users.

It is pretty much a similar term as "Search Arbitrage" just addressed differently. In short, it is a marketing activity where media buyer or advertiser purchases traffic for keywords at low cost from Facebook, Native ads, or even Search engines and afterward redirects them to Search page results with related ads for these keywords. Advertisers make an evident profit if their revenue from the click on the actual search page ad is higher than their cost to purchase this click.

An arbitrager has to know what they are being paid per click on the search ad served on the search results page.

When you are registered and approved as our publisher, you will have access to our dashboard where you can track your revenues.

We have an estimated real-time revenue which we tend to show after 24h when we know that your data is 100% correct.

Of course, we can! Based on this, you know how successful your campaigns are.

Yes, we suggest them to you every week & you can find them in your dashboard.

We do. As soon as we onboard, our Account Managers are at your disposal to offer you full-time service and support for the success of your campaigns.

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