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We believe that our expertise is shareable, which is why we created an academy for talented individuals who want to learn more

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What we teach

DevelopersLab, in cooperation with the Montenegrin government, organizes educational courses for people who want to learn to code or conduct business online.

Training & Hiring

Some of the finest attendees from our academy will get the opportunity to sign an employment contract with Coinis to further develop their career.

Experienced Educators

Classes are all but dull in content. Our educators make sure to enrich the experience with practical assignments & in multi-project settings.

Basic to Advanced Courses

Our students are working on some of the most advanced tools, which they can instantly utilize to build different projects for various purposes.


Supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Montenegro

A few of many sought-after skills that employers want in their work force

Invest in yourself and go through studies that can improve your productivity


All candidates work in small teams.

Many tasks ask for deeper conceptualization.


Framework that facilitates team work on complex projects

Practical examples for better communication skills




Back up classes
Recorded sessions incase you miss out


After class answers for clarification purposes.


Clear career path
Open gates for multiple IT industries


Edge over peers
Practical knowledge that can be implemented

Custom Curricula
Training material adapted to meet specific goals

On-the-job Learning
Acquire skills while working on real projects

New courses coming soon ...


We organize courses once or twice a year, depending on the number of applicants. We work closely with the Montenegrin Ministry of Science and with most high schools and universities and we listen to what the students need and provide them with material and courses they need.

For now, most of our courses are available in Montenegrin language. We will be working on acquiring material for our non-montenegrin and audience from the Balkans. We do have guest lecturers who have their material in English, so make sure you subscribe to our website developers-lab.com and get the latest news about the upcoming courses.

We do like to work with students one on one but we do have recorded sessions as well. Contact us if you are particularly interested in a certain topic and let’s see if we have something for you.

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Leading teacher Stevan Cakic

Stevan is a Software Engineer who graduated from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at the University of Montenegro in Podgorica in 2016, majoring Computer Science.
He’s regularly coding for over 4 years and has participated in different projects where he utilized languages and technologies like JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Python, Django, AWS, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, and more!

Today he’s involved in qualitative research projects at the University of Donja Gorica and, of course, still writes and maintains impeccable code on a daily basis.