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We send categorically segmented notifications to your users. Convert and monetize your traffic even when the users aren’t on your web site anymore.

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How it works


Add JS code to
your web page

After you register, create a tag and add it inside your web site’s head tag


Visitors subscribe to
Push Notifications

The tag will request the user’s permission to receive Push notifications.


Start making Money
with Push Ads

Head back to your dashboard and watch your earnings grow continually.

Make more of your traffic by blending Push Ads with the rest of your monetization methods

Available payout models

Instant income streamCPS

You get paid as soon as a visitor becomes a subscribed user to Push Notifications.

Long-term earnings

You get paid per each ad impression, e.g. every time an ad is displayed to a subscriber.

Discover why publishers have put their trust into our hands to expand and monetize their traffic

Our push notification ad network’s advantages:

  • In-house AI technology
  • Granular targeting options
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No min. traffic requirements
  • Real-time data aggregation
  • Potent RTB infrastructure

Smart Notification Scheduler

Our system makes smart decisions based on intensely analyzed data and behavior of users per GEO, device, and source category. In other words, we send out Push Notifications only when we are algorithmically sure that there’s a high possibility of an ad being clicked.


Rich Push Notifications

Matching high CTRs with positive CRs is possible when user interactions are enticed through clickable ad messages that pop up on mobile and desktop devices with 100% viewability. Such are Rich Push Notifications, engineered for higher engagement.

Web & Android SDK implementation

We made sure to technically support both web and mobile integrations so that publishers have the ability to make money with push notifications across different device types.


S2S Postback

Track every click your users make. We will pass you the revenue you are making from every click of your subscribers by separated pixels with a same click ID for lifetime of the subscriber.

RSS Push Notifications

Integrate your RSS feed with our Push notifications technology so we can send out your newest content or promo material to your visitors as soon as it gets published on your web site. Earn with Web Push now.


Push Monetization is supported across some of the most popular desktop and mobile browsers

Google Chrome

windows_logo mac_logo linux_logo android_logo

Mozilla Firefox

windows_logo mac_logo linux_logo


windows_logo mac_logo linux_logo

Samsung Browser


Fast payouts

We empower our publishers with a system that supports the most convenient payment options based on NET10 terms for fast income generation.

visa mastercard pay_pal payoneer banktransfer


Push notifications are small pop-up windows which appear in a browser when you visit a certain website. For example, you as a website owner can integrate this ad format in a few simple steps and follow your stats real time in your publisher dashboard. Your visitors will be able to allow or block notifications in the push widget that you serve. This ad format is pretty popular in all GEOs.

Glad you’ve asked. The process is pretty simple. You just need to integrate the js file in the root directory of your website and paste the additional snippet as instructed in the publisher platform.

While CPS provides instant payouts for each push notification there are benefits from rev-share as well. When using the CPS model you will instantly get paid and the future performance of subscribers does not concern you anymore. On the other hand, the Rev-Share option for push, the payout depends on the performance of your subscription base. So, if you have an engaging audience, Rev-Share would be a great option for you.

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