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Traffic Monetization Platform Suitable For


No matter if you have low website traffic or large volume sites, simply implement our JS code and start monetizing traffic and making money.

SEO Specialists

Got a steady flow of organic traffic? Maintain your strong engagement while earning big bucks on the side.

App Developers

Utilize the value of your users without in-app purchases or surplus ads via our easy-to-integrate SDK solution.

Social Media Marketers

Connect a website to Social Media channels and start taking in the sweet benefits of your social postings.


Earn money from “lost” web surfers by monetizing their typos, 404 errors with native and Smartlink PopAds.

Extensions/Plugin Owners

Feed implementation or pay-per-install solutions provided to extension developers with strong user base.

Reach your users across multimodal ad formats

Designed for both inside and outside of the app experience

Push Notifications are considered a revolution in the ad space. They are smart notifications that appear on browsers and consume less space than any other ad format. When in use, one can also earn from subscribers who currently aren’t browsing the web.

High CTR and User Friendly

Intriguing to publishers is that push ads tend to have a native feel; seeming non-obtrusive, user-friendly, and enticing (highest CTR in the industry).

We made sure to cover some of the most attractive verticals, allowing publishers to enjoy only what is considered engaging advertising campaigns.

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Native ads are a distinct new revenue stream for publishers who put added value to user engagement while still combing for money. Such ads typically generate about 53% more eyeballs than display ads, mostly because of their appeal.

Best Programmatic Solution

Native is a rather programmatic solution with visually cloaked images+text ads that look natural to the rest of the web site’s feed and interesting to users.

All ad formats are in accordance with IAB’s standards and best practices with the principal objective to keep all ads on your web site optimized and user-friendly.


Smartlinks boast the best CPM rates for publishers. Their fullscreen layout is triggered upon one click on your site and puts the material right in front of the user, making this ad format a no-brainer for high volume sites.

Supreme Ad Relevance

We developed an algorithm that systematically decides what ad should take precedence in a pool of billions, making sure that only relevant ones get displayed.

With us you’ll have a mix of the best direct offers, combined with RTB Demand, publishers, and affiliates – all of which enable the best eCPM for your campaigns.


Revenue boost priority #1 with 99.8% fill rat

As ex-publishers, we’ve already been in your shoes and understand how important it is to convert as much traffic as possible. That’s why one of our focal points was to create a programmatic monetization platform with 190+ countries, where gaps are filled entirely across all ad formats. Android & iOS app developers, bloggers, movie websites, and other publishers have now the possibility to make the most of their traffic.

Top Advertizing Verticals

Coinis accumulates various brands, advertisers, ad networks, and direct offers into a melting pot to sustain our publishers & affiliates’ supply capabilities. This provides our partners with the necessary means for success, a higher fill rate, and the highest paying CPM rates for small to large-sized publishers & affiliates.

Video Streaming




Coupons & Vauchers

Legal & Insurance

Job Search


Mobile Apps & Games

Health and Beaty

More reasons why publishers
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Over 7 years in the ad industry and no entry requirements are what defines us as a go-to place for small to mid-sized publishers who want to monetize traffic right now.


We pay before you even get to do the math

So put your calculator away, lay back, and relax while we send over your earnings. As one of the highest paying affiliate programs we guarantee fast payments!

Supported payment methods

Our automated payment system will send out your earnings on NET10 based terms. With a variety of options at hand, it’s up to you to decide which payment method to take.

Ad monetization in the palm of your hand

Feel free to shoot a message if you’re convinced that we’re one of the best ad networks for publishers.

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It is quite easy! By getting some of our ad formats you will be able to monetise your website traffic. There are several options you can choose from. You may choose push notifications to monetise your traffic, in-page push as a popular ad format, native ads, and smartlink ads. We also have the option to promote our in-house offers! Just make sure you fill in the Registration form and we will contact you.

There is a minimum requirement, but make sure you share your website link/links with us and your stats, and our account managers will give you advice on what would work best for you. And you don’t have to have a website. If you are a media buyer and have your traffic sources, feel free to contact us and we will make the best out of it.

Yes, you may choose one ad format or multiple ad formats, and set them on different pages or all-together. It all depends on your preference. You may choose Push Notification ads and Inpage Push ads for one page, and Native ads and Smartlink ads for another page.