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Our +10 years of experience in the affiliate industry can help shape your next endeavor. Make sure to reach out if you need a custom solution for the next big ad-tech or publishing idea!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Native to search is one great option for your extension! By including our search feed monetisation you will have access to all GEOs where regular feeds aren’t as competitive.

There are other options for extension monetisation except search feed monetisation. Contact us via our Contact Form and let’s see what works best for you.

Yes, we have Push notification SDK for both iPhone and Android that you can implement in your apps.

Most likely yes. We verify your app with the compliance team and share the search feed for your product.

Yes, we have a dedicated Search feed for Facebook but also for other traffic sources such as Native traffic.

Yes we can. We have direct Yahoo and Bing Deals and we are working with some shopping sites which are embedding your search into their websites and making queries like this – So we are open for testing. We can do 80/20 rev-share and Net45 payment terms.

We have in our inventory Search feeds for Yahoo and Bing along with Google & Yandex feed. These in general can be used as monetization for products (Extensions, Mobile Apps) or for traffic source such as Native / Display to Search.

Yes, our system optimizes the offers according to your traffic. We have geo-targeting tools to help monetize your global traffic. You may use our publisher platform and create your own campaigns for your websites, or we can create dedicated campaigns for you. Contact us for more information.

Which payment methods do you support? When do I get paid? We all know that one of the most important parts of the business is how you can get paid through our Publisher platform. The minimum amount that Publisher needs to earn to get a payout is $300. Also, it is very important to mention that we work on Net30, which means that we can pay the invoice within 30 days of the Publisher sending us the invoice for payment. When the Publisher reaches the specified amount of $300 for the first time, they will get a notification via email by our team to inform them that they has earned their first $300 with Coinis. In order to receive the payment, the Publisher will have to fill in and sign the attached Insertion Order (IO) by hand or DocuSign and send it back to the same email address that they got from Coinis Publisher platform. Upon that, if Publisher is not sure what the invoice should look like, the Publisher will have the template of the invoice on our Publisher Platform, which he can download (find it under Payment History). For the invoice, the Publisher will need to fill in all the necessary data and send it to our email address. When it comes to Payment, Publisher can choose between existing payment methods on our Publisher Platform: Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. The Publisher may have as many Payment methods as they wishes, but only one of them may be set as default. When Publisher adds Payoneer as a new payment method, they must complete the registration via Payoneer sign-up link. Once you complete it, Publisher will have to wait for the verification, so the status of the added payment method will be pending before we verify Publisher added payment information. When Publisher adds PayPal as a payment method, they will need to confirm their email address in order to get paid. For the Wire Payment method, the Publisher will have to add the following information: Bank name, Bank country, Bank city, Bank address, Account number, IBAN, SWIFT, Currency, and they can also make a note. The Publisher can permanently delete the payment method that they would like to be removed and replace it with the new one. On our Publisher Platform, under Finance and Payments, the Publisher can find Account Statements, where they can follow your daily revenue by each platform. In addition, the Publisher can filter their revenue by date and Platform (Publisher, Search, N2S, Affiliate Programs. In the table below, Publisher will be presented with the following information: Date, Debit, Credit, Balance, Platform, and Note related to their revenue stats. The Publisher can access their payment history in the table under that section. Publisher will get insight into the Date, Status, Description, Transaction ID, Payment Method, Amount, Platform, and Actions of their invoices. Good luck with Coinis Publisher Platform!

Upon signing up, you get login details which allows you to sign in wherever, whenever and check on your daily revenue. Your activities and clicks/downloads/installs are tracked using real-time data. These reports are transparent, accurate and reported on a real-time basis so you can easily monitor what is happening with your account. We also have an advanced tracking system to provide you with instantaneous analytics and sub-ID level stats. Such features will give you complete transparency when monitoring the progress of your monetization campaign.

Please give us up to 48-72 business hours to process the approval of your account.

Yes, we accept publishers and advertisers from all around the globe. We serve more than 100 million ad impressions per day with the option to serve ads in multiple languages.

First of all, congratulations! Now that your account has been approved, you can start earning money through our program. The next step involves creating your dedicated campaigns and finishing up your integration. If you are a direct publisher you may create your own campaigns using our Publisher Platform. Every step of the campaign creation process you will have clear instructions on how to do it. If, on the other hand, you shall have any difficulties, feel free to reach out.

If you are a direct publisher you will be contacted by our Business Development Manager and they will help you with starting your campaigns. If you are a media buyer or if you have traffic, It should take no more than 15 minutes for developers to finish the process. If you’re having problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

Yes, our company is able to provide you with solutions to monetize your browser extensions. You would be able to choose from multiple monetization solutions. We can give you our premium Yahoo or Bing search feed and use our Push solution for your browser extension. You may also combine Search + Native + Push Notifications which equals a full-circle monetization solution.

It is free.

Yes, and basically when the user searches on your site, we can redirect them to Custom Yahoo or Bing Search Results and you earn revenue from the searches.

Search ads is a huge step ahead, we need 100k Tier1 traffic per day.

Rev Share is an option where we share profit from the click of the user in your favour – this is long term. For example, when the user subscribes to Push (when they click allow) they will receive ads from us and when the user clicks on the ads / we both profit, while for CPS you sell us every click on the Allow button.

While CPS provides instant payouts for each push notification there are benefits from rev-share as well. When using the CPS model you will instantly get paid and the future performance of subscribers does not concern you anymore. On the other hand, the Rev-Share option for push, the payout depends on the performance of your subscription base. So, if you have an engaging audience, Rev-Share would be a great option for you.

Yes, Coinis has no restrictions and can integrate any tracking platform.

Of course! Many of our best partners are publishers with great websites with many daily visits. Coinis’s advanced technology is helping them make the most $ possible from every impression which is made on their website by promoting our solutions. Our Publisher Platform allows you to create various custom campaigns for your website with smart ads which adjust to your vertical.

Yes. In our inventory we have more than 5 000 different landing pages (and growing) for many products that we own internally plus many others that we can promote by given licenses of respected companies.

We do. We are buying pop-up/pop—under traffic on CPM basis mostly, but we also buy it from sites by CPI model, meaning – paying for successful installs of a certain product or browser extension.

These ads match the look of your content and match the media format in which they appear – and the joy about them is that they dont look like ads. They are non-disruptive and users usually engage with them.

Native to search is a type of ad format which is served on native traffic. The user gets directed to a landing page with premium search ads. These search ads are from different verticals (finance, investing, travel, etc.) After the user clicks on any of the ads they get directed to the search page which gives them results based on the category they have selected.

There are two flows: one-click flow and two-click flow. The first one includes one landing page, which users get after interacting with a native ad from a website. This one shows ads from keywords in the search engine. The second one is a two-click flow, where the user is taken to an intermediary page after interacting with a native ad. They get redirected to all related search ad suggestions based on the sponsored keyword listing initially clicked.

There are many categories that you can work with as for Native to Search. Among many, we recommend beauty, insurance, education, gadgets, dental implants, software, and finance. Did you have some particular vertical in mind? Feel free to contact us, and we will help you out.

Let’s see what ad formats would work best for your type of offer. Ad inventory is available for all devices, platforms and GEOs. Available for both mobile and desktop.

They are mostly websites belonging to a download vertical, thus streaming, file-sharing, gaming websites on both mainstream and other traffic.

Obviously, the US is the best performing country in most of the cases, followed by other Tier 1 GEOs such as UK, CA, AU. However, in many cases and depending on the offer, all GEOs have good potential just waiting to be discovered.

Push notifications are small pop-up windows which appear in a browser when you visit a certain website. For example, you as a website owner can integrate this ad format in a few simple steps and follow your stats real time in your publisher dashboard. Your visitors will be able to allow or block notifications in the push widget that you serve. This ad format is pretty popular in all GEOs.

Glad you’ve asked. The process is pretty simple. You just need to integrate the js file in the root directory of your website and paste the additional snippet as instructed in the publisher platform. Read more in this article: How do I add a push widget to my websites?

We have been present for more than 9 years! Feels like we started yesterday.

To put it simply, it is a practice of purchasing traffic via Native ads from platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo! Gemini where you create and buy ad placement for a specific keyword, and when user clicks on this ad, they are getting redirected to a search page powered by Bing, Yahoo or some other provider.

Native ads usually have an almost real article look, but when you look closely, they have a ‘Sponsored Content’ mark in the upper left or right corner. You may also see signs like: Recommended Content, Suggested Videos, Sponsored content, Promoted stories etc.

Of course, you can. It is 100% allowed and compliant since Facebook is a great traffic source, and you can also make targeting based on the user’s intention, which is the entire point of ads, in this case, to make them super useful for users.

An arbitrager has to know what they are being paid per click on the search ad served on the search results page.

When you are registered and approved as our publisher, you will have access to our dashboard where you can track your revenues.

We have an estimated real-time revenue which we tend to show after 24h when we know that your data is 100% correct.

Of course, we can! Based on this, you know how successful your campaigns are.

Yes, we suggest them to you every week & you can find them in your dashboard.

We do. As soon as we onboard, our Account Managers are at your disposal to offer you full-time service and support for the success of your campaigns.

There is a minimum requirement, but make sure you share your website link/links with us and your stats, and our account managers will give you advice on what would work best for you. And you don’t have to have a website. If you are a media buyer and have your traffic sources, feel free to contact us and we will make the best out of it.

Yes, you may choose one ad format or multiple ad formats, and set them on different pages or all-together. It all depends on your preference. You may choose Push Notification ads and Inpage Push ads for one page, and Native ads for another page.

You should have patience! Some time needs to pass in order to identify the ad formats that suit your audience the best and brings you the most money at the same time.

If you are thinking that more ad formats mean more profit, we’re sorry to break your bubble – it doesn’t work that way. You should test formats one by one, and make sure to track performance along the way to see the impact on the audience behavior and your income.

You can choose from:

• Push Ads CPS
• Push Ads Rev-share model
• In-page Push
• Contextual Ads

It depends. CPS brings you revenue instantly for each push notification subscriber that you bring, and it stops there. Their future behavior doesn’t concern you.
On the other hand, with revshare, the performance of your subscribers impacts your revenue and you will get paid based on the impressions your subscribers generate over a period of time. Both of these models can bring you large earnings and it’s basically a matter of preference when choosing between them.

Coinis works with high-quality publishers, the size of the site is less important. The caliber of the traffic to your site is arguably more important than the volume.

No, we do not have any restrictions.

After filling up our registration form, your account will go through review. When your site passes our compliance check, you will receive a welcome email and you can start using the platform.

With Coinis, no matter what kind of publisher you are – you have multiple opportunities to earn real money.

The main factor that influences your monetisation possibilities is the amount and the quality of traffic you have. Besides that, careful ad choice and placement is what can largely impact your earnings. And we’re here to provide advice if you get stuck.

Coinis provides several payment methods in order to provide conditions for a beneficial cooperation between the Advertiser and the Publisher: You are able to get your earnings through wire transfer, Payoneer and Paypal. Whichever suits you best!

This really depends on the traffic you can get. Minimum payout amounts for wire transfer is 300 USD We can agree on any of the following, based on your performance. Currently, we offer:

1. Net30 payments for new publishers
2. For established publishers, the payment can be provided on Net7 and Net15, with a possible hold for 2-4 business days.

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. Native ads are often found in social media feeds or recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don’t look like ads. They look like part of the editorial flow of the page. The key to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive – it exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb

You do not get instant login credentials. Our compliance team has to check the information you provided to us, and if you fulfill our requirements regarding your traffic, we will provide you with login credentials. Once you reach out daily revenue of a 100$ you will get a dedicated account manager to additionally help you monetize.

Please contact us via chat on our website, leave your contact details and we will send you a link with a reset password button. After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the login page, where you can set your login credentials again.

Your revenue is not 0$, but having in mind that the revenue is too low, you can not see the third decimal on your statistics. But our team is working on it, and soon you will be able to see the third decimal on your dash.

Your revenue depends on your traffic quality. If the traffic is HQ, then you will get higher revenue.

Please follow the instructions:
1. Install & activate plugin Head & Footer Code.
2. Check Tools. You’ll see Head & Footer Code.
3. Paste your code into the FOOTER code section.
4. Set your FOOTER PRIORITY 100. Other priorities are 10.
5. You’re all set.

Our platform is currently upgrading, and native ads are unavailable at the moment.

Native ads are a great advertising option because they match the look of the site’s content and don’t look like ads. They are non-disruptive and users usually engage with them.

But have you thought of similar alternatives? Contextual ads are very similar to native ads but have a few additional benefits.

One example is that contextual ads are content-related and thus relevant to the content consumed on the web page. You should definitely consider contextual advertising, as it might be a better option for you. Learn more about contextual ads here.

If your websites fulfill necessary requirements regarding traffic quality and traffic volume, you are able to monetize different websites with Coinis Publisher Platform.

Monetizing your extension can be a great way of driving passive income. No matter if you have a Firefox Addon, Edge extension or a Chrome extension, you can monetize its’ search feed and start earning money. The most common search feeds used on all the browser extensions and add-ons are Bing & Yahoo.

Another common way of monetizing your extension is selling advertising space. It involves displaying ads when the user uses the extension.
Display ads, for example, are a popular ad option when it comes to monetization. It entails displaying a variety of advertisements, including interactive, pop-up, video, and interstitial ads.

We offer many monetization solutions for your browser extension. From direct search monetization to push ads, we can help you reach your greatest potential. Contact us and start monetizing your extension today.

The last option is selling the extension, which will most likely be a one-time payment, instead of the passive income.

Read about Facts and Hacks When Publishing & Positioning Your Browser Extension.

How does contextual advertising work?

Contextual advertising displays ads based on terms found on a web page. Contextual targeting, unlike behavioral targeting, which uses tracking pixels and cookies, displays relevant ads based on the content on the page.

This has a beneficial effect on visitors to the website. Because the advertising is contextually relevant, they have a higher viewability.

What do the ads actually look like?

Below is a great example of contextual advertising – it shows a tech-related blog, and an ad promoting a phone watch alarm offer. The offer is highly relevant to the content of the website, which is why it is more effective in sparking interest in readers and has higher clickability than non-related offers.

The Advantages of Contextual Advertising

Many online publishers and businesses who advertise online have benefited from the automation of the ad delivery process. Publishers of all sizes, from huge websites to small blogs, can now serve ads for their products without the need for an ad sales department or an IT department to show and track ads. It has given advertisers additional alternatives and the opportunity to convey messages to profitable audiences without having to go out and find them. Ads can now be more customized based on the user’s demographic information and geographic location, rather than merely the content on the page, thanks to advances in technology.

How does contextual advertising work?

This is how it works on the Google Display Network, for example:

1. Decide on contextual targeting parameters.

An advertising system has to know what your campaign is about in order to position your adverts on relevant web sites for contextual marketing to succeed.

Topics are broad categories into which your campaign might be placed, such as music, agriculture, or fashion. If you choose one of these, your ad will appear on websites across the Google Display Network that are connected to your topic. 

Keywords are used to target specific topics and subtopics more precisely. Each campaign should include 5-50 keywords, including negative keywords which will help the network understand and match your ad better to website content. 

2. Google examines the pages in its network.

When you place an order, Google will read the content on each display network web page to see if your ad can be matched to the most relevant content. It considers text, language, page structure, and link structure, as well as your keywords and other targeting options.

If you target keywords and themes in the same ad group, Google will prioritize your keywords when deciding where to show your ads. Even if the pages are connected to the themes you’ve chosen, your advertising will not be eligible to show on pages that don’t match your keywords.

3. Your ad is published.

The display network will choose a placement that contextually matches your ad using the aforementioned data, after witch your ad is published.

Contextual Ads

Final Words

Everything is considered, from content and keywords to graphics and online copy, in order to properly advertise contextual marketing content.

Contextual advertising places power in the hands of marketers or ad publishers rather than the user, allowing them to focus on the visitor’s current behavior rather than their prior conduct. Furthermore, contextual advertising is both inexpensive and simple to execute.

If you are having trouble adding a widget to your website, here are brief instructions on how to monetize your website with our highly-converting ads.

When you register at Coinis Publisher Platform, you will get an activation e-mail at your e-mail address. Click on the link you will receive via e-mail and activate your account. By activating it, you will get access to your dashboard, where you can track the performance of your performances.

When you click on Zones, you will get the chance to choose between the Push CPS model and Push Rev-share. Push CPS models mean getting paid for each qualified subscriber who allowed requests to receive notifications, and Push Rev-Share means having the ability to earn money per each impression from subscribers.

choose between push cps or push rev share
Coinis Publisher Platform: Ad format

When you choose between these two ad formats, start adding zone details:

  1. Zone Title – Enter the title for your zone. It will help you identify your performance in Statistics.
  2. Web Site where JS will be added – Please provide the website’s name where this .js file will be placed. You may put your entire website or just one page of your website. Putting the .js file on just one page of your website will affect that page, not the whole website.
  3. Set up additional settings for your website (HTTP-HTTPS)
  4. Also, set up additional settings for your website regarding Postback to track subscriptions. Postback URL allows us to fire a server to server pixel on your conversions so that you can track them independently. Add content locker: Enabling a content locker will prevent users from interacting with the site until they subscribe. Set up SmartLink to get additional monetization: If the user decides to block your notifications, they will be redirected to this link.
  5. Choose a frequency cap for this zone: Low (3 notifications per hour), Medium (6 notifications per hour), and High-frequency cap (12 notifications per hour)
  6. Then click on Create & Get Tag for your website.

how to insert push notification widget into my website
Coinis Publisher Platform: Step2 Creating a new Push Zone

If you are not quite familiar with how to add a tag on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Click on „Download file sw.js“ and upload the file to the root directory of your website. The same file with the same name must be added to the root directory of your website. You can not just copy the code without adding it to the root directory because the ads will not appear.
  2. Get tag means to paste this code at the end of your body tag. After you finish the second step, users can click anywhere on your page and get displayed ads according to the chosen frequency.

You are now good to go!

You can track zone performances on statistics available on your dashboard, setting a time range that suits you. You can filter statistics by date or country, operating system, browser, or zones.

How to target audience in detail with push widget
Coinis Publisher Platform: Statistics

In section columns, you have options to filter statistics by various segments.
Also, you can always edit the zone, pause the campaign, or delete it.

We have provided you with all the necessary information to successfully launch a push campaign on your website and start making significant profits from monetizing your product/s.

We wish you good luck and great success!