Publisher Policy

This Publisher Policy was last updated on December 2022.

Coinis Ltd (Montenegro) is an advertising network that provide services for products monetization and promotion (hereinafter “Advertiser”). It connects publishers and advertisers globally (hereinafter “Service”), and You (hereinafter “Publisher”, “Partner”, “You”, “Your Product”, “Your Website”, “Your App”, “Your Extension”) as the owner of websites, apps, or extensions who seeks service in order to present advertisers products/services to such websites or apps.

Contains important information about, among others, the collection and use of personal data; the legal grounds for the processing of that data; disclosures of that personal data to third parties and the use of cookies on the Website.

Coinis is committed to protecting your privacy and handling your personal data transparently. For that reason, this privacy policy covers important information about the collection and use of personal data for publishers.

Please read this Publisher Policy carefully before you decide to apply as a publisher with Coinis. By registering to Coinis Publisher Platform you hereby agree to comply with the following publisher terms.

The main guidelines of the Publishers Policy are detailed hereunder:

Terms Used:

Information Provided:

Publisher Obligations:

The Publisher using the Service of the Advertiser agrees to the following:


Coinis provides several payment methods in order to provide conditions for a beneficial cooperation between the Advertiser and the Publisher:

Coinis reserves the right to update this information without prior notice.

Besides Coinis’ In-house offers, Coinis also works as a middleman for advertisers, therefore the Publisher acknowledges and accepts that payment for the Publisher’s revenue is contingent on Coinis’ receiving payments from advertisers without restrictions. If Coinis does not get paid by the advertiser, you hereby release Coinis from any claim for Publisher revenue.

Coinis Direct Offers:

Fraudulent Activity:

Coinis Publishers should follow our Anti Fraud and Anti Piracy Policy and other policies provided in this Publisher Policy.

Moreover, the Advertiser maintains the right to take any necessary civil or criminal action against the Publisher and, if it so chooses, to demand a refund of all or part of the monies improperly provided to the publisher, as well as damages and compensation.

Fraudulent activity within the Publisher Platform are considered the following but not limited to: Too High CTRs, Bot Traffic or Server-Side Traffic, Non-human behavior, or Spam.

The Advertiser is not obliged to pay the Publisher if they violate any of the Advertisers Publisher Policies enlisted in the Publisher Policy Page on the Advertisers Official Website.

The Publisher who has low performance traffic with no conversions or actions, and has previously started a CPC campaign through Coinis Publisher platform, will be suspended from the Coinis Publisher Platform without previous notice.

The Advertiser is not obliged to send notice for Publisher account termination if they violate any of the Policies enlisted in the Publisher Policy Page on the Advertisers Official Website.

Coinis keeps the right to take all necessary measures needed to restore the damage caused by the violations named above. In any of the cases, Coinis has the right and power to make all determinations about fraudulent activities that might occur.

Too many spammy complaints may lead to account suspension.

The publisher can’t have more than one account; more accounts lead to the direct disabling of the account. The same rule applies to more than one payment detail.

Publishers should refrain from using Server-Side Traffic that generates clicks or impressions because it may lead to suspicious traffic, which will cause you a suspension or block of the account.

Confidentiality and Security

The implementation of this Publisher Policy is part of Coinis’s efforts to comply with industry best standards. Our goal is to protect the information means protecting any information you share with us, although we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

In case you believe that one of our Partners has been using the Coinis platform in a manner which contradicts this Policy, we would appreciate it if you can contact us at [email protected] so we could take the necessary steps and investigate this matter.

Violation of the Agreements

By using our services, you agree on the following:

Publisher Requirements

If you’re looking to become a publisher with Coinis, there are some important requirements that need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, you must have access to your website’s administration panel, including HTML source code, so as to properly place the Coinis js file and ad tag. Secondly, only register with websites that you own – this is for verification purposes and the prevention of fraudulent activities. Additionally, we do not accept websites hosted on free hosting or those containing adult content. Lastly, it is the publisher’s responsibility to create unique content relevant to their visitors, which provides a great user experience.

The Compliance team

The Compliance team will, in most cases, notify you if there are specific changes to your account.

After suspending or disabling the account, contact our Compliance Team at [email protected] in case you think it was a mistake.

To unsuspend and enable the account, you should provide quality and quantitative reports proving this mistake.

For more info, visit our knowledge base.