Affiliate World Bangkok – Our Story

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Written by Tamara Jelic

Affiliate World Bangkok – Our Story

Affiliate World Bangkok is one of the most visited Affiliate Conferences in the World, we don’t need to say that, but we did, so yeah.

For many affiliates, Affiliate World Conferences are a regular stop, and worldwide influential affiliates, eCommerce marketers and affiliate companies in general love this one, and so do we.

Another opportunity for all of us to do networking right and get in touch with like-minded businesses and get tactical information for some of our future projects, and what a trip that was.

With our colleagues and friends from Propeller Ads

Back in 2015, nobody would think that the event is going to get this big. Luckily, it did. The community then just started forming, and now it’S gathering experienced marketers from all over the world and the value that AW brings is beyond words.

Before You Go – Here are Some Tips


Make sure your travel documents are ready for Thailand. It would be awesome if you had a Thai embassy in your town. If you were unlucky as we were, try getting information from the closest consulate or embassy. What we are 100% sure that, if you need a visa, you will need a letter from the AWA conference, where they confirm that you will attend the conference (Exhibitor or Attendee). You may also check visa requirements online. Hope this helps.

We will be spamming you with photos through the entire blog, yes. Our Friends from DAO Ad

You’ll see a lot of affiliate links for this one, yeah. Many hotels get deals with the conference and provide exclusive deals for visitors to the conference. The good thing about many hotels in Bangkok, you’ll have a great view for sure. You’ll get the visa easier if you send your accommodation to the embassy as well.

We stayed at the Hilton this year and we were pretty happy, especially with the food, hence the 3 kilos extra. The only bad thing about the hotel was is that it was too far away, but on the bright side, we took some fun Tuc Tuc rides. The brightest side of the Hilton was no crowd, great view from the Rooftop lounge and great service.

If on the other hand, you would like to be near the epicenter of everything and near the conference, our recommendation would be the Centara Grand.

The AWA Schedule & Plan

Although Affiliate Wolrd Asia is pretty much organized very well, you have to make a plan. Without a plan, you will waste a lot of time, and you don’t want to do that since the time at the conference is limited. You will get a map and a schedule for all the events, market, networking events, labs, parties, and main stage of course.

What you need to do is create your own map, split and prioritize. Make sure you book some meetings in advance but do not overbook yourself in advance, you never know who you will run into. Bear in mind that one of your important goals should be to make sure you stay up-to-date with the industry and the trends.

Tired, but look how pretty we are

Networking at the Affiliate World Bangkok

Besides the ones on the schedule (make sure you don’t miss the ones related to your niche), there were some outdoor events that we didn’t miss. First, it was the Affiliate Block Party where many affiliates gathered for the same purpose – networking. It is sometimes easier to arrange some business in a more personal setting.

The other event which was a success for us was the Propeller Party, where we met some of our new partners as well as got in touch with our old ones. Again, a more personal setting is something to have in mind when visiting such events.

There were many other events going on, but you cannot make it to every right? A man’s gonna need some sleep.

Don’t Just Focus on B2B

That was another reminder for us. The team from AWA Bangkok made sure that we don’t miss much as for the events within the conference, but the other things, we had to do it on our own.

The topics at the Conference were not random and we could relate to many of them. The speakers on the main stage shared some great knowledge of the topics they covered. And we were happy to see once again that these events focus on quality content only, not some sponsored speeches.

Discover the Beauty of Bangkok

For many, well for us as well, going to Bangkok was not entirely JUST business. Considering, Thailand is one of the most beautiful destinations, tourist-wise, and Bangkok is a story for itself.

As for exhibitions, you cannot see the whole city in just a week. For Pete’s sake, it’s more than 9 million people, still, we managed to visit some cool places.

The tradition, the local culture, the FOOD, that is something that cannot be explained. This is something you have to see for yourself, and then you will know the true meaning of the word ‘adventure’. The festive atmosphere is something that lasts 24/7.

Did it.

Where to start? Heck, that is a tricker, but we definitely recommend this blog for inspiration. What you don’t want to miss – and I DID (Yes, me, the stupid person writing this blog) is a real Thai massage. When I told people that I didn’t do that, boy, I was an object of mockery. So, I highly advise that you do not do the same thing as I did.

And, Bangkok at night? See for yourself

Sorry, we are not pro’s, but this one speaks a 1001 word.

Affiliate World Bangkok 2020 You ask?

See you in Bangkok

This is something we cannot present in just one blog, so we filled you on the basics. The conference brought a lot of value for us, we learned a lot and made new friends. We are definitely not missing the one in December 2020. Are you going?

It’s, of course, taking place in Bangkok in December, more details will soon be announced on their official website.

Want to buy a ticket? You can do it here

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