Affiliate World Europe: What to Expect in 2023

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Written by Tamara Jelic

Affiliate World Europe: What to Expect in 2023

Everyone is packing for Barcelona since the Affiliate World Conference will take place July 12th and 13th this year, where, as they say, the world’s industries’ brightest minds gather and share their knowledge and experience with the rest interested in this field.

Industry specialists will share fresh perspectives, evidence-based tactics, and creative concepts in affiliate and e-commerce marketing.
Following each day’s learning sessions, enjoy additional benefits such as relaxed outdoor gatherings, breathtaking rooftop views at dusk, and a captivating after-dark scene within the industry.

Over 5,000 globally known marketing professionals will join this event to broaden their network and, most importantly, gain insights that can boost their earnings.

What are The Trends This Year and Who Are The Stars

These topics will be covered this year: Ai in Advertising, TikTok, Meta Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads, and of course, E-mail marketing and E-commerce.

AI in Advertising is a rising and still unexplored topic in the industry, and many are interested in what AI will bring to the advertising space in the future. There are many subjects to be discussed, and among them, there will be words about leveraging AI for Task automation and Workflow integrations since everyone wants to eliminate manual labor and focus on delivering value and improving efficiency.

Video formats are still the most exciting formats at the moment, so there will be words about creating video ad scripts and then copywriting for advertorials and designing dynamic ad creatives using AI.

Speaking of videos, TikTok is on the rise, and many are wondering where it will take us now since the user base is constantly growing, even with attempts to ban the network in many countries.

Everyone wants to crack the new trending verticals for TikTok and what GEOs to target, how to increase sales, grow followers, and more.

Meta and its power cannot be omitted, of course, and the main topics are the ever-changing policies of course and other topics such as which ad types, account structures, and iteration principles to use to maximize results, etc. Is Cash-on-Delivery still working? Learn more here.

Google ads are one of the most potent weapons used by marketers, and there will be words about how to drive a higher percentage of uplift in PPC revenue by applying specific methods for search ads, how to reduce wasted ad spent, learn more about automation and machine learning, and much much more.

Native ads are a widely discussed topic among everyone in the industry. Whether programmatic or native to search, there is room to scale. With topics such as AI used in personalization for Native ads and establishing a creative methodology for native ads, there will be room for discussion and new ways to leverage this area.

And there will be words about Affiliate Marketing’s Hottest topics, such as e-mail marketing and e-commerce. These are some of the talks and panels we must visit:

The Science of Going Viral: Proven Strategy to generate 60 Billion Views and 100+ Million Followers With Content Creation Models For Algorithm Domination

Powering Up Your Email and SMS Strategy: Scale Your Revenue With 3 Email Automations and Psychology-Backed SMS Tactics

and more! Find out what the topics will be here.

What is Coinis Bringing to The Table

Coinis Affiliate Programs

We’re thrilled to introduce Coinis’ exciting new Affiliate Programs and are excited to tell you all about it in Barcelona! This new program allows you to unlock the power of top ROI verticals – Software, LeadGen, eCommerce, Sweepstakes, and Finance. We will ensure you captivate your audience with exclusive, high-converting offers and enjoy competitive payouts. With optimized conversion rates, you can maximize your earnings like never before. Coinis Affiliate programs also allow you to harness the potential of our industry-leading tracking tools for unrivaled performance.

We invite you to join us at the highly anticipated Affiliate World Barcelona event to explore the limitless opportunities that our Affiliate Programs can offer. With Coinis’ Affiliate Programs, we are committed to helping you elevate your success and rise to new heights in the industry.

Coinis DSP Updates

We want to present a few novelties from our DSP since our platform is rapidly growing in popularity, and we thank you for that. We listen to your requests and wants and aim to make everything more comfortable!

  • Frequency cap info in campaign details
  • AI Generated Creatives
  • User Freshness Hour buckets (campaign targeting)
  • Bulk delete notifications

and more!

Also, we now have video tutorials on how to make your campaigns ready and skyrocket. Here is one video that will get you started, and you can find the rest of the videos in this playlist:

Stop by our booth and let’s talk about what you need in order to scale with your campaigns!

Book a Meet With The Team – Booth B17

We’re thrilled to announce that the Coinis team is heading to Barcelona to attend the Affiliate World Conference 2023. We’re excited to reconvene with our friends and partners and look forward to meeting new faces in the vibrant city that perfectly captures the spirit of this conference. Our team, comprised of top representatives from Coinis, is poised to share our innovative solutions and exciting updates and learn more about the evolving industry trends that continue redefining the affiliate marketing landscape.

Coinis at Affiliate World Global in Dubai

We are excited to establish new alliances, investigate chances for collaboration, and gather priceless insights as we interact with the top talent in the performance marketing sector. These developments will help to fuel our growth. We’re particularly excited to highlight our star-studded team, who are eager to meet, connect with, and learn from the best in the industry, in addition to our exciting updates that have come to define our participation at previous events.

From our side you will meet:

Tin Deljanin – Chief Marketing Officer

Anastasia Loseva – Head of Affiliate Programs

Tamara Jelic – Head of Business Development

Neda Mijovic – Business Development Manager

Benjamin Dobardzic – Advertiser Manager

Nikola Spasojevic – Mobile Marketing Manager

book at a meet with the team

Tamara Jelic

Tamara Jelic

Head Of Business Development at Coinis Ltd


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