7 AI Tools That Will Save You 20 Hours Per Week in Creating Campaigns

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Written by Tamara Jelic

7 AI Tools That Will Save You 20 Hours Per Week in Creating Campaigns

We understand how time-consuming and overwhelming it can be to develop successful campaigns on Facebook (META ads), not only META, but generally speaking as digital marketers and media buyers. A successful campaign depends on several of factors, including but not limited to verticals, keywords, ad content, creativity, audience, etc. This time, let’s concentrate on META ads.

Happily, as time has gone on, the powers of AI technologies have come to us, making our lives simpler and enabling us to produce more quality in less time rather than taking away our employment. I will share some AI tools and techniques we employ to simplify our daily activities with you. Of course, you need a creative streak, but I’ll show you some of the best AI tools for creating Facebook campaigns in this blog. You can thank me later for making your life simpler.

Have You Heard About Pattern89?

Pattern89, an AI-powered advertising platform, leverages machine learning to optimize your META ad campaigns. To help you increase the effectiveness of your ads, it analyzes your ad data and gives you valuable insights. Another feature of Pattern89 is a tool for predicting which ad creative would work best with your target audience.

For example, you are running an e-commerce offer that aims to sell clothes, right? So you want to see how to improve your META campaign and boost sales. You were trying to run this for a while, but you need to figure out why the campaign is ineffective – you use Pattern89.
You upload your current ads to the platform (you connect your Facebook advertising account to Pattern89).

Key performance drivers impact the campaign’s success found using machine learning algorithms. Based on this analysis, Pattern89 offers valuable insights that could help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

For example, Pattern89 may suggest changing the targeting to reach a more pertinent group in your existing campaigns. It could also give you the advice to change your creatives. The platform might also suggest tweaks to the ad wording or the best timing to run your ads for maximum effect.

You can also use Pattern89’s real-time dashboard to track how well your optimized campaigns are doing and see how these modifications have improved their performance. This way, you can make data-driven decisions to help you create better campaigns with time.

Generate Inspiring Copy With Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is a copywriting assistant that can help you create compelling ad copy for your Facebook ads. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to analyze your target audience and generate ad copy that is tailored to your audience’s interests and preferences. With Jasper.ai, you can create ad copy that is engaging and effective, helping to improve your campaign performance and increase conversions.

Let’s create an example: You are running Car Insurance offers and want to make the best and most engaging copy. So, log into your Jasper.ai account and select the “Templates” option from the side menu. Then, click “Facebook Ad Headline” to create headlines for your campaigns. You have a creative block – and this is your time to shine.

I have put the simplest thing in the example above but make sure you cover all the rules and follow the guidelines of your feed provider. You can also create copies in Jasper.ai.

By clicking “Create,” you can see your options, and there is a lot. For example, click on the “Workflows” section and Blog if you want to create a separate landing page for your campaign. Next, input the details of your Car Insurance offer, such as the coverage options, discounts, and other features that set your offer apart from the competition. For example, your Car Insurance offer may include features such as “24/7 roadside assistance,” “accident forgiveness,” and “no deductible for glass repairs.” Make sure to include these key selling points in your copy to highlight the benefits of your offer (let’s assume you have your domain and blog up and going), and you will have great content in no time.

You can also use Jasper.ai to generate a few different versions of your ad copy; You can use the “Variation” feature to generate multiple versions of the same copy with different word choices or sentence structures. For example, one variation of your ad copy might read: “Get the coverage you need, with 24/7 roadside assistance and accident forgiveness. Protect your car and peace of mind with our Car Insurance offer.”

Analyze the Effectiveness of your Ad Copies

Use the platform’s “Analysis” feature to evaluate the effectiveness of each version of your ad copy. Jasper.ai’s AI-powered analysis will score each version based on readability, clarity, and emotional impact.

Choose the version of your ad copy with the highest score, and use it in your Facebook ad campaign. Then, monitor your ad performance using Facebook’s ad metrics, and adjust your ad copy as needed based on the results.

By using Jasper.ai to create better ad copy, you can improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns and any offers you are trying to push. Use it for blog posts and copy. The platform’s AI-powered analysis can help you create copy that resonates with your target audience, increasing engagement and driving more conversions.

Let’s Not Avoid the Obvious – ChatGPT

ChatGPT is there to help you out with your writing skills. You do have to have some sense of writing. I would suggest you consume a lot of material and do extensive research on your competition to know the “vibe” of the stories you will write. I’ll cover how to develop concepts for Facebook ads, but please remember that you will need to make some adjustments and/or add extra information because this is not to be followed blindly, OK? Some people only use ChatGPT; just saying.

I will again take the example of car insurance and start with the mindset of solving problems. I first think about the problems people face when buying Car Insurance. And I ask ChatGPT the following:

If you do not have enough information about these pain points/problems, you can ask ChatGPT for more details about each point. This will help you better understand your potential customers.

From there, you will go with generating Headlines for your ads. I am asking ChatGPT to help me generate headlines; make sure you read the headlines and correct ChatGPT if they are misusing something or if you want to omit something from the headlines it generated. Again, do not rely on AI tools 100%.

You can also ask ChatGPT to create shorter headlines and add emojis relevant to the titles. Watch out for bad examples of a copy. In the example above, you can see that the examples offered are not so good. Let me rephrase.

Better. Now that you have your topics to cover. You will ask ChatGPT to give you ideas for images and videos you can create to match the energy. For example: “Please write down ideas for images and video ideas for each headline and pain point.” It will generate interesting ideas you can use or modify to create content for these headlines.

Use ChatGPT for Creating Meaningful CTAs

The next thing to do is create a powerful CTA for this purpose, and of course, you ask ChatGPT to help with that. After that, it is time to find some audiences, and you can ask something like: “Please generate 5 Facebook ads keywords to target with these pain points.”

What you can also try, is ask ChatGPT if it knows a certain tool which could help you go deeper into setting up your campaigns. As an example, I have asked ChatGPT if it is familiar with Persado.

There, I gave you some ideas, and I hope it sparked up your imaginatioe. Let me know what you use and how you create your solutions with ChatGPT.

Rephrase With Quillbot

If you need to be wordier, Quillbot is here to the rescue. You can use this for shorter copies, right, but if you need more content and have a creative block – Quillbot is a lifesaver. Using Quillbot, you can create more engaging and effective ad content that resonates with your target audience, leading to higher click-through rates, conversions, and ROI.
Since we were talking about Car Insurance, let’s continue with that.

Let’s assume you created a landing page on your website for this purpose. You want unique content, but you found some great content on another place you want to use. You don’t want to copy/paste it – Quillbot to the rescue. I took this text from Investopedia, and I wanted to use it for my landing page – so I pasted it into Quillbot:

Here, I will get unique content, which I can use for my landing page or blog. Besides ChatGPT, you can use Quillbot to rephrase your headlines as well. For example, you are unhappy with some of the phrasing within your headlines and can’t remember similar words you want to use.

  1. Write a Facebook headline addressing one of the pain points your audience may encounter when buying car insurance. For example: “Say goodbye to high car insurance premiums with our affordable rates!”
  2.  Copy/paste your ad headline into Quillbot. Quillbot will analyze your text and provide suggestions to improve your content’s readability, tone, and overall effectiveness.
  3.  Review the suggestions provided by Quillbot and make any necessary changes to your ad headline. For example, Quillbot may suggest changing “Say goodbye” to “Save big” to make your headline more compelling.

Once you’re satisfied with your revised ad headline, copy and paste it back into your Facebook ad campaign.

Microsoft Designer to The Rescue With Visuals

Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered application that may assist you in producing graphics and images that seem professional for your Facebook ad campaigns. You can tweak various templates and design components to produce visually appealing and compelling content. With Microsoft Designer, you can quickly and easily make graphics, banners, and other visual elements to make your Facebook advertising stand out. Additionally, the application has collaboration tools that make it simple to engage with stakeholders and team members. This results in developing ideal ad images for your campaign. It’s like Canva on steroids.

Here’s an example of how you can use Microsoft Designer to improve your Facebook campaigns:

Start by asking Microsoft Designer to create a visual for you with the keywords you are focused on.

Sometimes you will get a different solution from the first try, but you can tweak it. For example, you can choose the type of graphic you want to create: a social media post or banner ad.
You may also upload an image into the Designer and use the various editing tools to adjust as needed. For example, add text, adjust the color and contrast, and apply filters to make your image more visually appealing.

Here is an example how you can use Microsoft Designer:

Once you’re happy with your design, download it and upload it to your Facebook ad campaign. You can also use the same design across other social media platforms to maintain consistency across your brand. Finally, monitor the performance of your ad campaign to see if the new imagery is driving more engagement and conversions.

Revealbot to Help With Automation

Revealbot, an AI-powered Facebook ad automation technology, can help you save time and increase ROI by automating your ad campaigns. This tool lets you dynamically alter your advertising campaigns using rules and triggers depending on real-time data. For instance, you can set up a rule to increase your advertising budget when things are going well or to stop if not. By doing this, you may optimize your campaigns without constantly monitoring them.

Let’s focus on an example of how Revealbot can help with your Facebook campaigns. First, create your Facebook ad campaign and connect with Revealbot. You can connect an existing campaign or start a new one.

Create rules that automate particular tasks using Revealbot’s automation features. You may, for instance, set up a rule that boosts your ad budget when the cost per click (CPC) drops below a particular threshold. There is also an option to pause an advertisement if the cost per acquisition reaches a particular threshold (CPA).

You may use Revealbot’s optimization tools to examine your ad data and get more insights on making your campaigns more effective. For example, Revealbot can examine your ads’ performance data and suggest fresh ad wording, targeting options, or bidding techniques that might help your campaigns. You can also measure stats like ad expenditure, clicks, and conversions. Additionally, set up automated reports to be sent to your email or Slack channel.

The suggestions you will get from Revealbot are valuable. With these suggestions, key indicators like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and return on ad expenditure grow over time (ROAS).

Bonus Tip – Not an AI Tool but an Optimizer, The Optimizer

The Optimizer is not entirely a part of this AI tools pool, but an AI-powered platform that helps digital marketers to optimize their campaigns across multiple channels. With its advanced algorithms, the Optimizer can analyze your data and recommend improving your ad performance. In addition, the platform offers a wide range of features, including automated bidding and audience segmentation. Campaign optimization with The Optimizer helps you save time and increase your ROI.

The Optimizer is compatible with many popular ad platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram, making it a versatile tool for digital marketers. So whether you’re looking to increase your click-through rates or improve your conversion rates, the Optimizer can provide the insights and tools you need to achieve your goals.

Here is an example of how to use it to improve your Facebook campaigns. Choose the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your Facebook ad campaign that are most crucial first. For example, increase click-through rate, lower cost per acquisition (CPA), or maximize conversions (CTR).

Link The Optimizer tool to your Facebook advertising account. Set up the settings for your optimization. Ad creative, audience targeting, bidding schemes, and ad placements are typical optimization parameters.

Give The Optimizer permission to conduct A/B tests and make adjustments in light of the results. For example, the Optimizer can automatically alter your bidding strategy to prioritize better-performing advertising or audiences. It can also make fresh ad creative suggestions based on historical performance data.


In conclusion, AI tools and AI-powered tools can potentially revolutionize the process of developing Facebook advertising. Using these tools, you may save hours and optimize your campaigns for the most ROI. In addition, AI tools can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you want to build bespoke audiences, automate your ad campaigns, or test various ad variations. So why test them and see if they can help your Facebook ad campaign?

Also, I would love to hear more about what you are using. What do you think about these tools, and what patterns take your campaigns to the next level? Please write to me via the contact form (I will see it) or my Linkedin profile, and let’s exchange ideas.

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