AWG 2023 – Why you Should Visit Every Affiliate World Conference

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Written by Tamara Jelic

AWG 2023 – Why you Should Visit Every Affiliate World Conference

You might think: “Here is another recap of another conference”, and you are absolutely right, but this one comes with extra spice on why you should appear at every Affiliate World conference.

The Upcoming Changes and What to Focus On

Let’s start with some broad information on the new trends that appear in the affiliate marketing industry every year. We can all see how quickly things are changing and how all we can do is watch and adjust. If you want to be in the know, attend Affiliate World Conferences. Affiliate World Global brought together professionals, affiliates, and industry leaders from all over the world to debate the newest trends and exchange ideas, making it one of the most significant occasions in the affiliate marketing calendar.

Coinis with Payoneer friends finishing up AWG 2023, oil on canvas 😉

The conference’s importance of openness and trust in affiliate marketing was an important topic. Building trust with audiences is more crucial than ever for affiliates and advertisers given the proliferation of ad-blocking software and worries about online fraud. Both honest and straightforward communication and moral and decent marketing tactics were stressed by the speakers.

The use of data in affiliate marketing was another crucial subject at the conference. Affiliates and advertisers now have better understanding of their audiences and campaigns than ever before thanks to the expanding availability of data and analytics solutions. Speakers underlined the significance of utilizing this data to enhance campaigns and raise performance while keeping ethical and privacy concerns in mind.

Workshops, Tips & Tricks

The conference featured a range of workshops and masterclasses on topics such as SEO, TikTok & META advertising, social media marketing, and mobile optimization. These sessions provided attendees with practical skills and strategies that can easily be implemented in campaigns. These examples might give insight on how to stay on top of the game in a rapidly changing industry.

One of the most popular topics was definitely the influence of AI on marketing. I could hear the crowd commenting on how AI is going to influence the marketing industry in the upcoming years.

Many have spoken about how to beat your competition, optimize the workflows, increase ROI, automatize everything you did manually, etc. It was really inspirational and left us with a ton of homework.

Some of Our Top Speeches From the Conference

  • How to Get Quality Traffic From an Ad Network in 2023 by Catherine Tarasova
  • The affiliate marketing stack that drives 20 million visits annually by Eric Siu
  • Practical Guide to AI: Leverage Key Tools to Prevent Automation Impolsion and Scale Media Buying Efforts by Kasim Aslam
  • Landmines and Launchpads: Neil Patel’s Predictions & Tips for Affiliate Marketing for 2023 by Neil Patel
  • [Utility Apps Case Study]: Learn How to Boost ROI by 50% With Push Notifications by Renz Gonzales
  • [Sephora Case Study] 7 Steps to Create Knockout TikTok Ads That Generate Over 7M Views AND Conversions by Lazar Žepinić

10 Reasons Why you Should Visit Affiliate World Conferences

NETWORKING – I cannot emphasize this enough. Conferences are the best places where you can meet people from the industry. Affiliate World Conferences are known for gathering experts in this area for years.

NEW BUSINESS DEALS – Although this is like an advanced version of networking, these conferences contribute to you closing your deals and bringing value to your business. Many companies attend such conferences in search of new opportunities within their field.

KNOWLEDGE SHARING – Leaders and worldwide experts from this field are gathered in one place. Imagine the concentration of knowledge and access to that knowledge. Many interesting topics are brought up during the talks on all stages. It is awesome that people are willing to share their best practices and strategies with the community.

Neil Patel & Eric Siu Present: Marketing School Podcast LIVE at Affiliate World Dubai

MEETING WITH INDUSTRY LEADERS – Yes, globally famous professionals attend these types of events. This is your unique opportunity to meet them and learn from some of the most successful affiliate marketers out there.

INSPIRING CONTENT – The keynote speakers from the conference are giving their insights and success stories. This is another reason why you should not skip another affiliate conference.

GET TO KNOW NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES – Everything changes quickly in the affiliate industry, so new services emerge with every conference. You can learn about these products and services and discover how they can make you more revenue.

[Utility Apps Case Study]: Learn How to Boost ROI by 50% With Push Notifications with Renz Gonzales

HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS – Many conferences, such as Affiliate World Conferences, have seminars and workshops which bring affiliate marketers value and guidance. These workshops include practical tips. Seeing how their best practices have helped them grow will be very inspirational and motivating for you as well.

NEW SKILLS ALERT – You can participate in training sessions and programs. These trainings offer essential knowledge in order to succeed in affiliate marketing along with practical advice and guidance.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS – Affiliate conferences are definitely the number one place where you are going to get the latest industry news, data, and insights. This is going to help you stay ahead of the competition.

FUN AND PARTIES – The atmosphere is everything but dull and stiff as Affiliate World Conferences are super famous for their lively atmosphere. This is a great way to learn and network in an environment that is pleasant, fun, and energetic.

And in the end, it’s all about bringing out the best communication skills and having fun while making new connections. Don’t be too serious – trust us.

Art: Coinis & AdCash doing the famous “Slav Squat”, oil on canvas 😉

To Wrap it UP

In conclusion, all the speeches and comments concerning AI drew my attention. I think it will have a significant effect on the affiliate marketing industry. AI-powered technologies may assist marketers in finding new prospects, real-time campaign optimization, and boosting ROI. The availability of data and the capacity for large-scale analysis will make this possible.

To remain competitive in this fast evolving digital marketing field, we must understand how to start utilizing these AI tools to our benefit. Understanding the many AI technologies that are accessible, such as NLP and predictive analytics, as well as how to use them in campaigns, is part of this. With the pace of the approaching innovations, I anticipate marketers will already prepare some best practices recipes for the upcoming conferences. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Would you like us to comment on something specific? We would be more than happy to write about certain topics that were popular during the event.

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