Best Verticals For Push Notifications in 2023

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Best Verticals For Push Notifications in 2023

Are you seeking the best affiliate offer verticals for push notification ads? 👀
Then you have come to the right place! We will talk about the best verticals for push notifications in 2023 according to our research and experience!

Helpful Tips For You Right at The Beginning

How to start a one, two, three step:

Firstly, and most importantly, your communication should be concise and clear. You want to connect with your customers on an emotional level, so it’s essential that your message is impactful and piques their interest. Solve their problems – don’t be a sales person!

Secondly, have a clear call-to-action button that ties into the ad’s overall message. It should encourage users to interact and rely on you as a source of information.

Finally, timing is critical – ensure you deliver your ads at peak moments to reach people who are already browsing or actively looking for information related to your vertical.

With these tips, maximizing push ad success will be a breeze!

The following article highlights top affiliate offer verticals for 2023, so you can get a jump start on successful conversion rates using push ads!🔥

Vertical No. 1: Software/Utility Offers

Advertising antivirus software through push notifications has become immensely popular in the past few years. And this trend is going to remain strong through 2023!
To get in the game and make a profit, you should focus more on desktop traffic.

This is due to the fact that desktop consumers are often more likely to be interested in software and utility offers than mobile users, as they frequently have greater needs for these types of digital products. Also, desktop traffic converts more frequently than mobile traffic, increasing your opportunity to profit from each click.

You can optimize your campaigns for optimal profitability and ROI by focusing on desktop users with your CPA software/utility offers. You may quickly reach your CPA objectives and deliver high-quality traffic to your offers with the correct marketing approach and tracking tools. Hence, start refining your campaigns right once to avoid missing out on the potential rewards of running CPA software/utility offers on desktop traffic.

This sounds promising right? You can discover more about this and the fantastic world of push ads and antivirus offers with this Webinar organized by Richads. Our dear colleague Chedo, shared in-depth details about push. Check it out. Our experts will explain how you can maximize this useful combination and get more profits using these two effective tools.

Vertical No. 2: Dating

Push notifications are a great way for those in the dating vertical to find success. This is because you have the opportunity to communicate with someone privately, which means that the user will be more inclined to engage with the offer, or in their view, the “beautiful lady who’s 50m away from him”.

Choose the Right Dating Offer

Dating offers come in two categories – mainstream and adult. Mainstream dating offers are typically aimed at people looking for meaningful relationships, while adult offers encompass activities like sex dating, webcams, 18+ chats, and more.

Working with mainstream dating offers is much easier due to the wide range of available traffic sources. On the other hand, adult offers do have their audience and can provide higher ROI for those willing to take the risk of working with a lower number of traffic sources.

What Country to Choose For Dating Offers?

Picking highly converting GEOs is critical if you want to succeed with your dating offers. Countries like the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, and South Korea have consistently shown excellent results, but you can also do your own due diligence by researching countries that have a high number of adult singles or look for different angles

Creatives and Pre-landing Pages for Dating Offers

The creatives you use for the dating vertical should be in the form of personal messages. This maximizes personalization and engagement. To ensure consistency, ensure all messaging materials are uniformed; use the same girl across all platforms to guarantee an uninterrupted and engaging journey. 🔥

Also, keep in mind that it is essential to test dating offers both with and without pre-landing pages.

Pre-landing pages are a great way of warming up your audience before they proceed to your main page, and they can also help improve the quality of your traffic. Plus, adding a small questionnaire to your pre-lander gives you valuable information about the desires and goals of your customers.

That being said, sometimes linking directly to the offer is enough to convert. But if you want to scale and create a better connection between user and offer, landing pages are the way to go.

Vertical No. 3: Sweepstake Offers

The sweepstakes vertical is genuinely evergreen and all-season, allowing you to get a piece of the pie no matter the time of the year. However, you need to be on top of trends if you’re looking to make the most out of your campaigns. One example are iPhone giveaways that tend to perform much better when Apple releases the latest iPhone.

On weekdays, conversions may be steady, but the weekends are when you can see the difference! Weekend traffic, however, is a double-edged sword because it frequently carries a greater price. To avoid overspending and ensure that your advertising budget is utilized properly, it is crucial to carefully monitor your activity and modify your bids accordingly. Adjusting your bids can help you squeeze out that extra 10% of conversions and see an actual increase in the long run. It might not seem like much at first, but those small gains have a big impact over time.

Four Main Types of Sweepstakes Offers

Single Opt-In (SOI): This sweepstake type is pretty convertable, and it’s easy to see why. Single Opt-In (SOI) offers are a lead generation types of offers where users only need to enter their contact information without the need for a confirmation email. The simplest registration process available means less work for your customers and more conversions for your brand. It’s a win-win! In general, SOI offers have higher conversion rates than options that require double opt-in or more extensive processes. On the other hand, their payouts tend to be the lowest of all sweepstakes types – so keep that in mind when planning your campaigns.

Double Opt-In (DOI): A two-way authentication requires you to confirm your email address after registering. Although the conversion rate is lower than other sweepstakes, payouts are usually higher. DOI offers can help to ensure higher quality leads by verifying the user’s contact information, although they may have a lower conversion rate compared to SOI offers.

CC submit: is a type of lead generation offer/campaign where users are required to submit their credit card information to access a product or service. Getting people to sign up for your sweepstakes can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to submissions with CC requirements. As expected, users are usually very reluctant to leave their credit card details behind, so unsurprisingly, these types of sweepstakes have the lowest conversion rates. However, these types of sweepstakes also promise the highest payouts among all other chance-based competitions!

Mobile Subscriptions: These offers are also known as carrier billing offers. The process involves subscribing to some service for which the payment is periodically charged directly to their mobile phone bill. Higher payouts and lower conversion rates characterize such offers because of sensitive information sharing.

Creatives for Sweepstake Offers

For the creatives, you usually want the icon to be something simple that brings the user’s attention to your ad. This could be an alert notification Icon or a present.
Then for the big image, you will want to display the prize or reward. For better ad coherence, you will want your creatives to be in line with what the offer is about.

Sweepstake Pre-landers

Pre-landers for sweepstakes help maximize user engagement by providing interactive content like games, quizzes, and questionnaires. These activities arouse the interest of users  in the given sweepstakes and make them aware of their qualifications to enter. These are some of the most successful techniques to convince potential entrants to leave their information behind.

  • Always use pre-landers with sweepstakes to increase your conversion rate..
  • It is better to focus on one GEO for each campaign. Different countries have different volumes, bids, and performances for each source.
  • We recommend using simple pictures that do not have many details in them.
  • Monitor your offer’s CPA, as opt-ins and installs will come in the first hours. If you don’t see the results in the first few hours, consider changing your offer’s messages and values. CTRs are excellent, but don’t let them fool you. With sweepstakes, only conversions matter.

Vertical No. 4: Nutra

Nutra is an abbreviation of nutraceuticals or food additives. 
Within the category of nutraceuticals, there are a few sub-verticals you can choose from:

  • Beauty: skincare, hair care, dental care
  • Weight: weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance
  • Health: vitamins, supplements
  • Sport: muscle builders, workout aids, athletic performance boosters
  • Male Benefits: testosterone enhancers, penile enhancement/enlargement

Brain Health: overall brain health and support, memory enhancement.


New health and diet trends have taken the world by storm. Whether it’s a new product or service, people can’t get enough of the promise of an improved life. We all want to look better, be stronger, and feel healthier, so these latest trends hit the mark for many. With such a high demand it’s no wonder affiliates are latching onto this category for extra $$$.

Creatives and Landing Pages for Nutra

Try to appeal to all the people that may be interested. Speaking about Nutra, these are both adult women and men, as well as older people.
Whether it’s talking about the miraculous benefits of the product, highlighting its availability and affordability, or talking about fast results – there are so many ways you can grab attention!

We also advise focusing on “before/after” creatives.
Try using pictures that show natural remedies for getting rid of fat.
Also, use images that indicate a person’s problem – bacteria, fungus, etc. Yes, it sounds scary, but people react to this.

A great way to engage users on your landing page is to use storytelling! Introducing the page with “before and after” images can set the tone for a captivating story about weight loss.
The pre-landing page should offer steps that lead readers closer to their weight loss goal, so when it comes time for them to hit that purchase button at the end of the text, they feel they went through a journey that leaves them wanting more of your offer!

Vertical No. 5: E-commerce

Push notifications offer a unique opportunity to keep customers informed and connected with your products and services. With strategic messages sent directly to their devices, you can ensure that even inactive customers remember you. No matter what industry you’re in, push notifications are a great way of staying close to customers while encouraging them to return for more.

e commerce gif

Don’t miss deals!

Push notifications are perfect for informing people about your special offer in real-time and creating urgency around buying before the deal runs out. This ensures that customers take advantage of a good opportunity and can act quickly, leading to higher engagement and more sales.

Season Sales

Welcoming a new season is one thing no e-commerce business would want to miss. So inspire users with your web push messages to indulge in all the new season collections. You can encourage users to change their wardrobe this season, get a makeover, or impress them with your new dashing collection.

Flash Sales

Did you know push ads with flash sales were among the most creative and efficient ways to boost engagement? These kinds of notifications create a sense of urgency by offering promotions that are only valid for a certain period, along with the reminder that if they don’t take action quickly, they might miss out on something great!

Push notifications are an interesting marketing tool for e-commerce. With most users accessing browsers such as Chrome to surf online, they can serve as powerful outreach tools compared to emails. In addition, they can capture a user’s undivided attention with fewer restrictions than app stores and email lists because they reach right into the browser’s notification tray..

So, if you want to work with e-commerce offers, push notifications should be on your radar!

In Conclusion

Developing a successful push campaign requires a significant amount of research and preparation. But, as long as you understand your audience, choose the best vertical, and target the right locations, you should be able to set up push ad campaigns that produce stellar results.
So, good luck- we know you can do it! 💪

Ps. if you own any of these offers above feel free to send us a message and let’s enlist them in Coinis Affiliate Programs.

Also, you can register and test your campaigns on our in-house push traffic. And yes, you will get an account manager

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