Beyond the Ping Pong Tables: The ROI from a Strong Company Culture

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Written by Isidora Matovic

Beyond the Ping Pong Tables: The ROI from a Strong Company Culture

At Coinis, we often get asked about what sets us apart. Beyond our innovative technology and services, our company culture stands as our cornerstone. Our CHRO, Jelena Markovic, recently sat down for an interview on the “Digital Dawn” podcast with Lauren Wakefield, Marketing & Communications Director at IAB Europe, to share insights into our culture. Here are some enlightening highlights from their conversation:

The Essence of Company Culture

In an era where the lines between personal and professional life have blurred, understanding and shaping company culture is more essential than ever. Company culture isn’t just about perks, freebies, or even the physical space we occupy. It’s about the environment we cultivate, the values we uphold, and the way we make our employees feel. Jelena’s unique approach to culture is rooted in the principles of safety, both physical and psychological. “It’s important for people to feel safe where they are,” she emphasizes. At Coinis, safety isn’t just about creating policies; it’s about making each individual feel seen, heard, and authentically themselves. Jelena believes in embracing the inevitable intertwining of personal and professional lives, striving to help employees find a proper balance rather than forcing artificial separations.

Mental Health Days

One of the most impactful initiatives we’ve championed at Coinis is the introduction of “Mental Health Days.” While this concept might be standard in some parts of the world, it was groundbreaking in Montenegro. Rather than limiting the number of mental health days an employee could take, we decided to offer an infinite number with a “no questions asked” policy. The immediate concern was potential misuse. However, our perspective was rooted in trust. If someone were to misuse it, it would indicate a deeper issue in our relationship with the employee.

Jelena’s office – Confessional

To our delight, this trial, which started three years ago, has become a staple without any cases of misuse. It is a testament to our commitment to employee mental well-being and the mutual respect between the company and its team members. If any misuse arises, our approach isn’t punitive but investigative. We aim to understand the root of the issue and address it, prioritizing the individual’s well-being and our relationship with them. This concept underscores our commitment to mental health and recognizes each team member’s individuality and need for flexibility.

Continuous Growth and Development

In the rapidly evolving landscape of today’s business world, stagnation can be the silent killer of many organizations. We’ve recognized this early on and have embedded the ethos of continuous growth and development into the very fabric of our company culture.

Our expansion from a team of 40 to nearly 100, brought both challenges and opportunities. Implementing new strategies and concepts often involves a process of trial and error. It’s essential for management to acknowledge failures, learn from them, and take pride in the initiative to innovate. Continuous growth is not just about expanding in numbers but also about adapting, learning, and evolving to meet the diverse needs of a growing team.

Jelena remarked: “Growth and expansion come with their own sets of challenges. Yet, it’s crucial to acknowledge our attempts, even if they result in failures, and take pride in our commitment to innovation and care for our team”.

In essence, our commitment to growth and innovation is more than a strategy; it’s a promise. A promise to our employees that they will always have avenues to grow and evolve. A promise to our clients that they will always receive cutting-edge solutions, and a promise to ourselves to never become complacent. At Coinis, our growth journey is endless; every milestone is just another starting point.

Nurturing the Next Generation

At Coinis, we recognize that our strength lies in the talents and aspirations of our team members. As a young and dynamic company, we attract many students who are shaping their careers. Understanding the pivotal role of education in their growth, Coinis takes active steps to support them. Whether it’s scholarship sponsorships or covering educational costs, we’re proud to invest in their academic pursuits. By shouldering their educational expenses, we send a clear message: we believe in their potential and are committed to their advancement.

We encourage employees to openly voice their aspirations and identify further areas they wish to explore. Our approach is not about ticking boxes but engaging in genuine conversations regarding personal aspirations and growth trajectories. We actively support our team members in seeking educational resources and opportunities that align with their professional aspirations, and we are committed to financially supporting these endeavors. This approach allows for a strategic alignment between each individual’s aspirations and the broader vision of our company, ensuring that every team member is not merely a part of the organization, but a significant contributor to its evolving success.

In essence, at Coinis, personal development isn’t an afterthought—it’s a mission. Every training, scholarship, and conversation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing the professional growth of our team members. We don’t just see them as employees but as integral members of the Coinis, each with unique dreams and potential waiting to be unlocked.

Reconnecting with Our Inner Child

When asked about her favorite team-building exercises, Jelena fondly recalled our trip to Sicily last year. Last year, our team embarked on a one-of-a-kind adventure in Sicily, Italy.
The highlight? A fantastic treasure hunt that took us all over the beautiful Sicilian landscape. The tasks were nothing short of hilarious – from finding an old lady and kissing her hand to the amusing challenge of fitting 20 team members on a single bench. The myriad of photos captured during these activities speaks volumes of the laughter and joy shared. Such experiences, as Jelena believes, emphasize the importance of stepping out of the regular office environment. They offer teams the freedom to explore, bond, and, in many ways, reconnect with their childlike wonder, solidifying a vibrant and cohesive company culture.

Recommended Listenings

Amid the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, finding pockets of knowledge and insights to enrich our perspectives is essential. On that note, are you searching for a podcast that dives deep into the intricate world of relationships and workplace dynamics? If so, Jelena has a recommendation that might pique your interest. On her long, introspective walks with the dog, she often tunes into podcasts by Esther Perel. With a captivating voice and profound insights, Esther hosts two distinct podcasts. One, aptly titled “Couple’s Therapy,” delves into real-life challenges couples face. It’s an intimate window into their world as Esther offers therapy in single-session formats.
Moreover, for those keen on integrating mental health insights into the professional sphere, Esther’s business edition podcast is a goldmine. Here, she seamlessly weaves therapy skills into workplace scenarios, offering listeners a fresh lens to view and address business challenges. So, if you’re on the lookout for a blend of psychology, relationships, and business insights, Esther Perel’s podcasts might be the perfect addition to your listening list.

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Company culture is more than just a buzzword for us at Coinis. It’s our identity, guiding light, and commitment to our team and clients. The discussion on the “Digital Dawn” podcast was just a glimpse into the world of Coinis. If you want to learn more or join our ever-growing team, we’d love to hear from you!

Our recent discussion on the “Digital Dawn” podcast provided a window into the vibrant and dynamic world of Coinis. It highlighted our continuous commitment to growth, innovative practices to prioritize mental well-being, and our focus on fostering trust and mutual respect.
But this conversation was merely the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, every day, we are pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and setting new benchmarks in our quest to create a holistic and nurturing environment. Our doors are always open to those who resonate with our values and vision.

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