GTA is Not the Only One With an Awesome Cheat Sheet โ€“ Push Traffic Edition

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Written by Tamara Jelic

GTA is Not the Only One With an Awesome Cheat Sheet โ€“ Push Traffic Edition

You already know we like to stick to the point, and combining all the sources we find relevant and our experience, here is a list of things you SHOULD pay attention to regarding Push Traffic – thank us later.

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Separate Your Campaigns on All Levels

Create separate campaigns for desktop and mobile. If you want to target other devices, do a separate campaign as well. Within this level imagine a branch – you want to test multiple verticals – just make sure you pick the right ones for you, whether that is a software, extension, sweep offer, or VPN for example. Do not get discouraged if your offers don’t monetize instantly.

Have several creatives and track how the users are behaving, exclude the one which does not generate much clicks and conversions – remember not to make that “mistake” in the future. Group all your low conversion visuals/landers and everything so you know what does not work. Write notes on the side so you remember why this visual did not work. Consistency is one of the most important things – it looks neat and it is nicer for the eye. For example, the logo and the offer need to communicate – so make your ads believable. Focus on the Icon and Headline – this is what pops first – if you have a button make sure it is triggering to the user. This is an example of a good CTA button:

Your images and landers should load FAST, so before starting your campaign make sure you use free online tools for checking the performance and speed of your landing page. You can try with Pingdom, GTmetrics, or Google.

Check Your Traffic Sources

Make sure you check the traffic sources you are buying from – is the language and the GEO in line with your LP. Update your landing page and creatives regularly and follow your CTR. Make sure there are no cardinal grammar mistakes within your text

Just a note: Emojis in the headline increase CTR – fact

Don’t stick to the same traffic sources – test multiple sources because each have different performance. You may as well create your own blacklist globally and this will actually save you a lot of money (if you are starting without a blacklist, run on CPC, and run on CPM if you do have a blacklist) . While doing this – use spy tools to help you with your multiple landing pages and angles (for example Spypush). You will learn if your ad is placed well and which placements to avoid.

There are also traffic source tokens and you may use them for a more detailed optimization.

Creatives Push Traffic Cheat Sheet

Icon – Users should notice it immediately and it doesn’t have to be related to the offer you are promoting or use a message icon – google it. Go with colored icons. You have free icons available on Flaticon and modify them a bit – ad a red circle in the upper right corner as a signal for a new message perhaps.

Caption – instead of ‘You have a new notification’ (I am saying it with the Spongebob voice), you can go with a catchy phrase.

For example, we love this one:

Quality over quantity – do not use a big image – use a good quality image. A good image can help you with completing your funnel (you can always test a big image of course), but experience shows that it is better to focus on quality. Keep it simple and help the user know immediately what is going on. If the CTR is high – doesn’t mean that it converts well – so conversion should be your goal when finding the right creative.

Keep the text as short as possible – people don’t like to read much – they want a clear message and not many graphic elements.

Don’t Overbid and Watch for Your Domains

This does sound off but – don’t overbid, If you are receiving enough immersions and clicks – it’s just enough. Your domains are at risk here a bit, so make sure you monitor them and have backup domains in case it gets flagged (this does happen).

If you are worried about the budget – start with lower daily budget limits – because many push sources overspend, but you have to spend money to make money.

Here’s a DON’T Cheat sheet

  • Don’t overthink killing placements – kill em
  • Don’t stick to just one traffic source
  • Don’t go with CPM if you don’T have a blacklist (we already said this but ok)
  • If you don’t see instant results, don’t give up
  • Daily swings are common with this type of traffic so don’t focus on daily results
  • If you are doing good, don’t stop optimizing – this means you can do better – scale to new traffic sources
  • Don’t avoid Tier-1
  • Same goes for high payout offers

Newbie Premium ๐Ÿ™‚

Try testing pop traffic first and then filter and use the best-performing landing page and offer to push. Pop is cheaper to test – and then scale up when you’ve done your research.

If you go with pop traffic – count click loss, bot traffic, and track events. Start with easily converting offers – such as SOI offers and start with Tier 2 perhaps. Collect your data and move to the next level.

We love these Push Traffic Sources

Research Offers Cheat Sheet

  • Gambling offers – test with AU, IN, CA, TH, DE
  • Sports betting – test with NG, PT, ZA, DE, ZM,
  • Education – test with US, PK, IN, BR, IR
  • Sweeps – test with ZA, FR, AU, NG

How will Chrome 86 impact push traffic?

Chrome 86 will begin blocking notification permission requests – which is slightly discouraging for networks which work a bit more agressive – this is going to prevent sites from sending abusive notification content, because people were, well, compalining.

So, Google will occasionally subscribe to push if the push permission is requested. These notifications will be evaluated for abusive content and those sites which have abusive content – will be flagged for enforcement. Want to find out more about Google Chrome’s new update? Click here.

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