Coinis at The European Summit 2018 – How it Went?

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Written by Tamara Jelic

Coinis at The European Summit 2018 – How it Went?

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Let us tell you about this European summit!

Started back in 2009 – with a vision to bring together professionals from all around the world – area of gambling, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, health etc. – it became one of the leading conventions. The goal was to create a great networking experience for all participants – and that very vision came true. This year it will be held in beautiful Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

We actually love the fact that the program is very much distinctive and versatile. Competition in kart racking, gun shooting, golf, skydiving, and more are why this European summit stands out from the crowd – and this is how it starts.

The rest of the days (2nd and 3rd) are all about conferences, seminars, panels and presentations. We are really looking forward to hearing the keynote speakers.

From what we know, there will be around 1400 participants and 80 speakers from all around the world.

We are also really excited to see and meet again with our partners and friends. So, surely, this is a great opportunity for networking and new partnerships.

Why it is worth visiting this conference is all the new skills and knowledge you can use for your business and this year we aim to learn even more and possibly implement it in our strategy.

And Prague, well Prague is a different an exceptional story as for our business. It is actually known that Prague is a great place for developers, but also has great beer and architecture. Joke on the side, since the fall of communism in 1989, Czech Republic is known that they have ‘produced’ more than 150.000 technology engineers, finance professionals, skilled foreign workers and more and it is a business attraction because of the tax policies and good living conditions.

All in all, we are really excited to visit this conference again and meet other professionals from affiliate marketing and e-commerce industry and discuss ideas and possible business opportunities.

If you’d like to meet up, feel free to contact us at any given time.

Tamara Jelic

Tamara Jelic

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