CTA That Actually Work – Check ’em Out 😎

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Written by Tamara Jelic

CTA That Actually Work – Check ’em Out 😎

No Need For Introduction as Per ‘What is CTA’ and how CTA Works, right?

You are well aware that CTA is what drives your revenue so let’s cut to the point and see what CTAs actually work. By defining your goal you will be able to narrow your options and target your niche with the right call to action, with the right tool for your big sale or lead.

Go Around the Prey

Make sure you scan the whole thing before targeting the CTA itself. Make sure you butter the bread before you put it in the toaster. All the elements around the CTA need to be prepared and lurking in order for the CTA to work.

We will not go deep into detail as per all of these items, but we will scratch the surface for you and help you continue your research.

AD Copy

Text elements in the ad should be simple and brief, but also well thought out so it could make the users interact with the ad. This means that ideally, your ad copy should:

  1. use the first person
  2. have something that drives emotions
  3. push towards action 
  4. have a sense of urgency
  5. eliminate possible objections


Ad Image

This one has to be good. But you have to make sure you know where you will be posting this. Remember that not all Ad Images go well on social media, on Google, on certain Publisher networks. Get to know your audience, know your niche.

You have to know the difference if someone actually demands a product, such as on Google, Yahoo or Bing, or if they are casually scrolling on social media, minding their own business. On Google, people search for a product and they buy it, while on social media or other channels, you have to help them discover your product.

Images are highly important, so make sure that you focus on making a good one for your product or service.

A/B testing

Shhh… We’ve prepared some tips for you…

 Tips for Creating Effective CTAs

  1. Make the CTA stand out – it is important that your CTA stands out from the other content – otherwise, your ad might not be noticed. To do this, you can use different visuals, colors, different sizes of text etc.  
  2. Use action-oriented terms and language – a great tip is to start by using a verb that encourages the user to do a certain action. Examples are words like Subscribe, Get, Join, Start etc.
  3. Keep it simple – try to keep your statements as short as possible – two to five words statements are ideal.
  4. Point out the benefits – the users will react best to your ad when they see something that benefits them. Free trials are the best example of this.
  5. Give users CTA options – users react well when they are given a choice between options – it gives them a feeling of control. This often leads to them actually going through with the action you have previously set up as a goal.
  6. Consistency- Guide and lead your potential customer to actually click on the CTA. How? By controlling your microcopy and being consistent with your offering. This will reduce confusion and give you better user experience.
  7. The Place of the CTA – We will have to slightly disappoint you with this one and say, it depends. This depends on the actual offer. But that is why A/B testing serves for, test out a different position and then different color, and see where to go from there.

We found some best performing phrases used in CTA 

Believe it or not …

Get My X (for Free)

This is mostly used for material products, but is also used for paid subscriptions. This one is often chosen because people always react well to the word FREE.

Watch Now/Instantly

You will love this one if you are an affiliate in the streaming and entertainment business.

Add to Cart/Add to Wishlist

If you have ever shopped on Amazon or a similar site, you have probably already seen the “Add to Cart” and “Add to Wishlist,” buttons

Don’t Miss Out!

Consumers have always reacted to this type of CTA because the fear of missing the sale has been a great motivation for consumers for ages!

Activate X Today!

Activate X Today! CTA is great if you offer some kind of demos, discounts, or shipping promotions. With the word “today” you create some sense of urgency in the user reading it and adding to it powerful words like “activate” can push consumers towards conversion.

Gain/Score/Grab X Now!

The main point of this CTA is to create a sense of urgency in the user to get the product as soon as possible.

Yes, I Want X

This CTA is effective in reeling in more conversions because it shows empathy, by putting yourself in the user’s shoes.

Get Started

This CTA is ideally used for acquiring conversions that don’t require users to pay anything. It is not intimidating and is mostly used for offering a discount, a free trial of other free benefits.

Try for Free

It is not a secret that consumers love free stuff – that’s why most websites offer a free trial of their product. It creates a sense of security in users because they can try out the free trial before actually investing in the product.


This one is loved by people because it’s not aggressive and, again, doesn’t require users to pay for anything.

How to Categorize These CTAs ☝️

Well, you have CTAs with the free effect, like, Try For Free, Sign up Free, Trial For Free, Get This for Free, Free Today. This will help your customers peek into what they might be missing. And then you have to make them want it.

Do you think that your audience is more ‘Cut The Chase‘? In that case, those direct CTAs trigger the potential customer to make an immediate reaction and decide: ‘in or out’. These CTAs pretty much go like: Get Started, Buy Now, Shop Now, Sign me up today, Create an Account Now.

Contact oriented CTAs – Give your potential customers an option to contact you if this is such a product, of course. This way you may connect with your customers and make them become a long term one. Solve their problems, be there for them. CTAs such as: Contact us, Let Us Know, Call Now, Request Call will do the magic.


Visual CTAs – here, there is no room for reading. If you have video material which shows about your product, or some great photos or guidelines, these CTAs will do wonders for you. Something like: See more here, Watch it Now, Continued watching, Interesting – let’s take a look, Look more will definitely work for you.

Opposite of the Visual CTA, is the one with the details. These CTAs are aimed for the people who know exactly what they are doing. You will need to lead them to continue their interest in your product. You should go with: Get Details, Compare, View Features, Learn What’s New, Get Details and similar.

More? Yes please

Should Simplicity slove all problems? No, simple CTAs are good, but you are not forcing anybody to do anything for that matter. If the niche is right, they will come perfectly, but on the other hand, news flash, you’re throwing your money on designers and whatnot. Learn more, Visit site, Get in, Learn More are one of many simple ones, but careful with these.

Limit their space – Wow, this sounds harsh right? Sell your product fast, no waiting. Here are some good tips: Get Discount with First Order Now, Ends Tomorrow, Limited Offer, Purchase Today.

Want to track how your campaings are going and see if which CTA works well and which is not. Here are some tools which can help you with that.

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