Don’t Miss This Antivirus Offers Webinar

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Written by Isidora Matovic

Don’t Miss This Antivirus Offers Webinar

When it comes to promoting antiviruses, there is no better fit than push ads. 

Coinis is recognized in the industry as an Ad Network that can provide high-performing push traffic sources.

In the past years, we have been building up a high-quality push database with our publishers that we offer to our advertisers via XML or DSP integration. As a result, we generate more than 500+ million impressions daily for our advertisers, promoting different verticals that convert great on our traffic.

So our colleague has teamed up with our friends from RichAds to give you an insight into how these two work together on the upcoming webinar: “Antivirus and Push Ads: Win-Win Combination.” 

Čedomir Dragićević, Coinis Notifications Product Manager, will join Daria Maichuk, Head of Customer Service at RichAds, and they’ll share their insights on how to make the most of this powerful combination. 


  • Antivirus vertical overview
  • GEOs and offers: perfect combinations
  • Running antivirus with push ads
  • Converting creatives and landers formulas
  • Top case studies
  • Q&A session


All participants will get some bonuses 🎁

So, mark your calendars and join our webinar on October 6 at 15:00 GMT. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Isidora Matovic

Isidora Matovic


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