What are the DOs and Don’ts in Facebook Ads 2020?

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Written by Tamara Jelic

What are the DOs and Don’ts in Facebook Ads 2020?

Even though you may think that your Facebook ads are perfect, it is very easy to fall victim to some common mistakes without knowing. These mistakes may cost you big money in the end, and you should always be on the lookout for them since even major brands make them sometimes.

Here’s a list of common Facebook Advertising malpractices to minimize possible mistakes in the future.

Don’ts   🔴

Don’t forget to proofread your ads! ✔️

This may seem like an obvious tip, but ironically, this is where most mistakes are made. It is crucial that you read through your ad at least two times before publishing it. 

Don’t use just any image in your ad 💤

The image is arguably the most important aspect of an ad. You have to choose them wisely, as it presents an opportunity to grab the attention of the potential buyer or your target audience. Remember you need to GRAB someone’s attention – not just post a random picture.

Here is an example of a not so good ad:

Ok – what about this one? From our experience, nothing here is a thumb-stopper. The image doesn’t say anything about the ad nor does it solve anyone’s problem for sure.

Don’t use ad images that are more than 20% text 🚫

When choosing the image that is going to be in your ad, make sure to choose a clean,high quality and minimalistic image. We do not recommend using images that are more than 20% made of text, because it will be over the top and ruin your ad. 

Facebook will warn you about this one though – you will not be able to reach much audience with a lot of text.

This is a good example of tooooo much text in one image:

Don’t write an ad with too much information that will confuse the users 🙅‍♀️

Too much information at once can be overpowering and it can make the reader “give up” on reading the rest of your ad.

This one is a mistake that a lot of Facebook advertisers are guilty of doing. Making your message as short as possible, while focusing on the value of the message itself, you will get more engagement.

On the other hand, the message itself doesn’t have to bee as short as possbile, but try to have the capturing part in the first two sentences.

We found a good example of this kind of mistake on taktical.co and their great blog about the worst Facebook ads for 2019.

The other side of this sword is way too LITTLE text:

If you can’t see what is wrong with this picture, let us help you: First – there is no engagement, OK it says Surprise your loved ones with the most unique giftsSo what? Why should I do that? Why are your gifts so unique?

The other thing is that the images are not engaging at all, nor is the copy below the images. Here is one more example of a bad image and copy, one with too much text and one with too little text:

Don’t stop posting on your page

We do not recommend you stop posting actual posts and focus only on Facebook ads. Let’s say if someone sees your ad and becomes interested in your product, the first thing they will do is probably visit your Facebook page, which is why you need to keep it relevant and up to date.

DOs ✅

Keep it simple

You have just a few seconds to catch and keep the attention of the user. This is why simple and direct ads perform best. Make sure that the headline and text of your ad match and correspond with each other.

Use a message that will be relatable to the reader 🤓

Your ad text should be written with the target audience in mind. Ads that are interesting and relatable will intrigue the reader and make him click on the call to action button!

Pick an image that grabs the reader’s attention and represents your brand at the same time ⚠️

In the busy Facebook newsfeed, it may be difficult sometimes to stand out with your ad and grab the attention of the user. Your main focus should always be on the picture, as it is the thing that catches the eye of the reader. 

Also, try to incorporate brand colors and logo in the image, as it is the ideal way of doing some brand awareness at the same time and make your ad look more professional.

Here is a great example of how to target the desire of the user. Who doesn’t like pizza right? And who doesn’t like discount? This brings value to the user and they will stop and look at the ad – because – pizza. The only thing we would change a bit is the ad description – the sentences are short, which is good but the spacing is not so good. You need to pay attention to spacing and perhaps adding more emojis.

Here is another example of a short clear Copy and a great attention grabbing image:

This is totally an attention grabber, but we would add more text in the copy to briefly explain what benefits a user can get from joining this network.

Include a clear call to action button 🎬

Putting a visible call to action button will point out the main purpose of the message to the user, which will later convert to more actions taken.

An ad without an action button is an expensive mistake. It is really that simple – if people do not see an action button – they will perform no action.

Besides from being too long , this post doesn’t have a clear CTA nor a button at all. Don’t make this mistake.

Do A/B testing on your ads 🧪

A/B testing, also known as split testing is a concept of comparing two different versions of one ad to see which one will perform better than the other. The better-performing ad will drive more traffic and have better results, which will also improve your knowledge for future ads.

There are the do’s you should follow and don’ts you should avoid for creating the best performing Facebook ads. 

Conclusion 😎

The best advice we could give you on this one is preparation. Research is really a great strategy to start with. Go to your competition’s pages and spy on them a bit. See what posts do good and what don’t. Create your own collection of good ad examples – like an ad collage or something.

Swipe through stories and scroll through feed, and take a look at other companies’ ads and screenshot and analyze them. This is a good way to see what is good and what can be better.

Do you have traffic and Facebook ads are not doing much for you? Don’t worry, we got a solution to that. Register on our Publisher Platform and monetize your users now 🙂

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