Getting ready for LeadsCon, Las Vegas 2024

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Written by Isidora Matovic

Getting ready for LeadsCon, Las Vegas 2024

This spring, all eyes are on Las Vegas for LeadsCon 2024! The go-to event for performance marketers, lead gen pros, and affiliate marketers seeking to elevate their businesses. Expect groundbreaking insights, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge strategies. With over a decade of bridging top marketing minds and pioneering customer acquisition tactics, LeadsCon is your compass in navigating the digital lead generation landscape.

Our anticipation is soaring as we prepare to attend LeadsCon Las Vegas for the first time ever. With top-tier speakers, leading-edge topics, and unparalleled networking prospects, we’re gearing up for a transformative professional experience. More seasoned among you will agree that LeadsCon Las Vegas 2024 is a must-go destination for staying ahead in the industry.

Lead Generation Verticals on Our Radar

At LeadsCon, we’re particularly keen on exploring several key verticals that promise to redefine our approach to affiliate marketing. These include:

Home Improvement

The home improvement sector is booming, thanks to increased home ownership and real estate value, as well as post-pandemic lifestyle changes. Areas like renovations, landscaping, and smart home tech are in high demand. This creates a profitable chance for affiliates to link consumers with trusted service providers.


Energy sector is experiencing a surge in consumer interest amidst growing environmental concerns and the push for sustainable living. This green revolution opens up new avenues for lead generation focused on homeowners and businesses looking to adopt solar technology. The transition to renewable energy sources not only reflects a shift in consumer values but also marks a fertile ground for generating high-quality leads.


The legal sector presents a unique opportunity for specialized lead generation, catering to individuals and businesses seeking legal advice and services. Whether it’s personal injury claims, corporate law, or estate planning, the demand for legal expertise underscores the need for targeted lead-generation strategies that can bridge the gap between legal professionals and their potential clients.

Car Insurance and Warranty

This area has great potential for generating leads because people always need car protection and often find insurance policies and warranties confusing. So, they’re always on the lookout for trustworthy and affordable options for car insurance and warranties.


The finance vertical has always been a powerhouse for lead generation, and its scope continues to expand with the rise of fintech innovations and an increasing consumer focus on financial literacy and services. From personal loans to investment platforms, this sector offers many opportunities to connect consumers with tailored financial solutions, driving value and conversion.

Goals and Expectations

Embarking on our first journey to LeadsCon Las Vegas 2024, our mission is crystal clear: to connect and absorb knowledge. Our excitement stems from more than just attending; it’s about actively immersing ourselves in the dynamic community that LeadsCon unites. We aspire to engage with fellow marketers and industry giants to exchange insights and foster partnerships that could shape the future of our this niche. Yes, we’re THAT ambitious.

Our objective is to delve deep into the LeadsCon environment, seeking interactions that transcend the superficial. We seek out individuals and teams leading in lead generation, eager to discuss challenges, solutions, and collaboration opportunities. These connections are envisioned not only as fleeting conference acquaintances, but as the genesis of enduring dialogues and long-term partnerships.

LeadsCon offers a wealth of knowledge through workshops and sessions tailored to the latest trends and strategies in lead generation.

In essence, our engagement at LeadsCon revolves around two goals: cultivating significant industry relationships and honing our expertise in affiliate marketing. By doing so, we not only lay the groundwork for immediate progress but also set the stage for long-term innovation and success in our domain.

Tips and tricks for preparation

Fortunately, pre-conference preparation can help alleviate stress and make sure you achieve your conference goals. With years of experience and multiple conferences attended, we’ve honed our approach to both planning and participating, allowing us to navigate these events more effectively and efficiently.

This wealth of experience enables us to extract maximum value from every session, networking opportunity, and the collaborative possibility that comes our way, and of course, we’ll share what we’ve learned!

Follow these tried-and-true tips to prepare for a conference in a way that uses your time and energy well.

Enter the Conference with a Goal and Purpose

Odds are you’re attending this conference for a reason—to network, discover more about a specific product or service, or simply to learn something new. Before attending the conference, ask yourself:

  • What do I want to learn about? This could be something specific or more general strategies for community engagement or management.
  • Who do I want to meet? Conferences provide excellent networking opportunities, so have expectations in place for building valuable connections there.
  • Are there any particular sessions I want to attend? Take a look at the conference agenda and prioritize the sessions you’re definitely interested in attending.
  • Do I have another reason for attending? Identify another goal you’d like to accomplish at the conference.

Review Event Details in Advance

Ensure you have a smooth and productive conference experience by informing yourself of important event details. Any marketing communications you have received about the conference should provide the basic need-to-knows for attending. Here are some additional tips for ensuring you can navigate the conference with ease:

  • Look up the venues. For an in-person conference, you should know not only where the conference is being held, but also where specific talks, displays, or events are taking place.
  • Investigate what’s around the venues. Knowing what restaurants, cafés, and bars are near the venue can tell you where conferencegoers might congregate after events. You’ll also have a variety of locations to suggest in case you and a colleague want to continue a conversation over a meal or a drink.
  • Familiarize yourself with conference schedules. This goes for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Knowing which panels, presentations, and events you want to attend can help determine your timing and movement through the conference.
  • Download relevant materials before the event. This might include maps for an in-person event or conference apps for a virtual or hybrid conference. When preparing for an association conference, knowing how to navigate the apps in advance can help you make sure you’re ready to go on the day.
Floor plan, Source: LeadsCon

Get to Know the Event Inside Out

Being well-informed is fundamental to navigating the conference smoothly. To enhance your experience, pay attention to:

  • Venue Layouts: Get a good grasp of the venue’s layout to know exactly where each session and event is taking place.
  • Local Insights: Familiarize yourself with the surrounding area, noting down spots for potential meetups or relaxation.
  • Event Schedule: Keep the conference timeline handy to ensure you don’t miss sessions that interest you.
  • Pre-download Materials: Equip yourself with any necessary apps or materials to navigate the conference or engage in sessions effectively.

Meet Our Team

LeadsCon Las Vegas 2024

The dynamic trio from our team will be representing us at April’s edition of LeadsCon. Each member brings a unique set of skills and passions to the table, making our attendance not just about business development but also about enriching our collective experience and knowledge in the field of performance marketing.

Neda: The Networking Maverick
Our Business Developer, Neda, is the epitome of charisma and connectivity. With an infectious enthusiasm for networking, she thrives on forming meaningful connections with industry peers. Her strategic approach to networking has consistently translated into growing numbers and tangible outcomes, demonstrating the power of building strong professional relationships. Neda’s great sense of humor and approachable demeanor make her a natural at breaking the ice and building lasting relationships.

Benjamin: The Atmosphere Amplifier
As our Advertiser Manager, Benjamin brings unmatched positivity and energy to the team. Known for his communicative prowess and ever-present smile, Beni has the remarkable ability to uplift everyone around him. Whether navigating through challenging negotiations or celebrating successes, his optimistic outlook and cheerful nature are contagious. Beni consistently introduces fresh, creative ideas that not only solve complex problems but also set new trends within the industry. This blend of positivity, innovation, and enthusiasm makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

Nina: The Detail-Oriented Strategist
Nina, our Advertiser Account Manager and team’s perfectionist, possesses a meticulous eye for detail that ensures no stone is left unturned. Her dedication to excellence is evident in her approach to managing accounts, where she ensures that every aspect of a campaign is flawless. With the keen investigative skills of a detective, Nina dives deep into data, identifies patterns, and uncovers insights that often go unnoticed. Her passion for precision, methodical nature, and detective-like diligence make her a cornerstone of our team’s success, consistently leading to innovative solutions and exceptional campaign performance.

Together, Neda, Beni, and Nina are ready to take on LeadsCon Las Vegas 2024. Their combined expertise and enthusiasm are set to propel us into new realms of opportunity and innovation.

In conclusion, the countdown to LeadsCon Las Vegas 2024 begins, marking the start of an exciting adventure in networking and growth potential.

Eager for collaboration? Schedule a meet HERE, and let’s connect and grow together! 🚀

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