In-Page Push is the New Push?

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Written by Tamara Jelic

In-Page Push is the New Push?

Let’s cut the chase. Some say that In-page push is better than regular push, and here we are, presenting some great benefits of this new ad format.

A Little Flashback πŸ’₯

We all know what happened in February 4th and this made all the community in the advertising industry a little shaky since it complicated the subscription for push notifications. We are sure you’ve heard of this, but here is a nice blog about what happened there by How To Geek.

Luckily, we found an alternative for push and it is getting more and more attention. This new ad format is getting around these new limitations by Chrome, and now – it’s not about Chrome anymore – we have great opportunities for advertising free from restrictions.

So, what is In-Page Push? πŸ€”

It emerged at the beginning of this year (2020) and they are similar to push ads in general, BUT technically, they are not push ads because users do not need to subscribe at all. The difference is these ads are displayed directly to publishers’ web sites to all users who visit the website on all devices (yes, even iOS). The notifications are coming from the website, not from the browser as we learned with regular Push Notifications.

When someone visits a publishers’ website who has this monetization solution, the user will automatically receive notifications from the website.

In-page push ads are actually banner ads but they resemble standard push notifications design-wise. A combo of pop-ups and push notifications, so there are no restrictions. The logic behind the ‘when are the ads showing’ is when the bidding is won and they operate on the CPC model, and the technical restrictions are not like with regular push notifications which is a great thing.

The good thing is in-page push is not affected by these latest browser updates.

Great Opportunity for Advertising πŸ“ˆ

Since there is no subscription needed in the first place, users will receive the push ads when they visit a publishers website which has this monetization solution integrated.

In-page push ads are aimed for a broad audience and are displayed in that manner but they are user friendly as the regular push notification ads, since the visual appearance of the ads was non-intrusive. In this case everyone wins, and the advertiser shows their ads. The publisher monetizes their website and the user gets relevant ads.

The difference between regular push notification ads and in-page push is that the ads aren’t delivered to the devices of the users when they are not using the device actively. The push ads are delivered only when they are engaged with the publishers’ website. This is another plus since the user is not disturbed when not using their phone.

There are Differences Though πŸ™Š

Visually – they are similar, since this has proven to be a user friendly format. The bad thing for us is that there is no delivery when the user is not using their device, but the good part is that it works on any device – mobile or desktop, even on iOS.

There is no prior subscription needed and there is immediate ad display for in-page push. This also means that there are no delays between the time when the user gets the ads and the time user clicks on it.

Publishers (and Advertisers) also noticed that the CTR is higher (3x) as well as the conversion rates (some actually report conversion rates that are 4x higher).

What Offers Work Well With In-Page Push?

Offers such as eCommerce, Education, Dating Offers, VPN, VOD offers, Antivirus, Nutra, Finance, Lead Gen, Sweeps. Luckily Coinis has a lot of these. Contact us if you are interested in hearing more.

For Advertisers – when you are creating a campaign, make sure that you make great creatives, because you don’t want ad-fatigue. Be straightforward with what you are trying to present. Focus on the benefits and solve user’s problems.

Tell us about your experience with in-page push and let’s see if other ad formats might work for you.

Tamara Jelic

Tamara Jelic

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