Inspiring Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders: The Developers Lab Initiative

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Written by Isidora Matovic

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders: The Developers Lab Initiative

In today’s fast-paced digital world, programming skills have become essential. With technology advancing at lightning speed, the demand for skilled programmers is growing exponentially. That’s where Developers Lab, a project by Coinis, comes into play. Since its launch in August 2018, our free program has aimed to bridge the gap between the high demand for IT professionals and the need for new, talented individuals. To date, we have educated over 500 individuals through our courses and workshops. Annually, we conduct around 10 workshops and 6 courses, each designed to inspire and educate.

Developers Lab is dedicated to quality. The rigorous selection process ensures that only the best candidates make it through. In our very first batch, we had 50 applicants, but only 10 were chosen. This ensures that our participants receive top-notch training, setting them up for success in the IT industry.

Our program is designed to educate and inspire and empower the next generation with a passion for programming. Indeed, it’s incredibly rewarding to see these young students engage enthusiastically with coding, and we take pride in contributing to their growth and ability to thrive in a digital future.

The “Developers Lab” Initiative

Since the Developers Lab started in 2018, we’ve always aimed to introduce as many people as possible to the programming world. In 2021, we decided to take a big step forward by offering free Python courses to kids aged 10 to 13. We believe in the power of starting young and sparking an early interest in technology and coding.

By partnering with local schools, we ensure that our efforts reach those who can benefit the most. This approach not only demonstrates the effectiveness of our initiative but also instills confidence in potential sponsors about the direction and impact of our project.

Over the past three years, we’ve proudly collaborated with three schools. In our first year, we partnered with Maksim Gorki Elementary. The following year, we worked with Vladimir Nazor Elementary, and this year, we joined forces with Stampar Makarije Elementary. Each partnership has allowed us to introduce new groups of students to the joys and challenges of programming.

Developers Lab team with Štampar Makarije Elementary students

We chose Python because it’s known for being simple and easy to learn. This way, kids can focus on the basics of programming and develop problem-solving skills without being overwhelmed by complicated code. Watching these young students dive into coding and grow their skills has been truly inspiring.

We are very proud to share that last year, in addition to offering a free course, we also donated a few computers to Vladimir Nazor Elementary. This contribution significantly helped them in their work, especially since the school was in a challenging situation, awaiting a new building. Our support aimed to provide better learning opportunities for students and improve working conditions for teachers and staff. It’s been an honor to assist in enhancing their educational environment.

Through Developers Lab initiative, we’re passionate about making technology accessible and fun for everyone. By investing in young learners and building strong community ties, we’re not just meeting today’s demand for IT professionals—we’re also helping to shape a bright, tech-savvy future. We’re excited to keep inspiring and nurturing the next generation of programmers.

Impact on the Community

The “Developers Lab” initiative has made a profound impact on our community. It addresses a critical skills gap in Montenegro, where there’s a noticeable shortage of programmers. By nurturing an early interest in programming, Coinis lays the groundwork for a future generation of skilled developers who will drive the country’s technological growth.

The initiative has received high praise from both students and educators for its transformative impact. Participants have reported increased confidence, enhanced logical thinking, and a newfound passion for technology. These young programmers aren’t just learning to code, but they’re developing critical skills that will benefit them in any career they pursue. This positive feedback underscores the success of our initiative and highlights the need for continued support.

Is there any downside to gaining more knowledge? Absolutely not! By investing in these young minds today, we are ensuring a brighter, more technologically advanced tomorrow.

Advancing IT Education: Resources, Certification, and Impact

Developers Lab is dedicated to delivering high-quality IT education with the goal of enriching as many minds as possible. Since our inception in 2018, we’ve hosted over 30 training sessions that cover a broad spectrum of programming topics—from basic principles to advanced web programming, databases, and game development. To date, we have trained more than 500 participants, ranging from students and high schoolers to elementary students and experienced programmers. When the pandemic hit, we adapted quickly by moving our classes online and leveraging available technologies to maintain a seamless learning experience.

Today, we are proud to offer an archive of over 10 recorded courses and workshops, totalling more than 200 hours of content. Alongside direct interaction with instructors, participants have access to these materials, which greatly enhances and accelerates their learning experience.

Upon completing our courses, participants receive certificates that confirm their participation and acquired knowledge, provided they attend at least 90% of the lectures and exercises. We are currently in the process of obtaining certification from the Ministry of Education to further validate these certificates.

Many of our graduates have successfully entered Montenegro’s IT sector, which motivates us to continually improve the quality of our programs. Therefore, our goal is to become leaders in IT education in our region. We emphasize the use of modern tools and technologies, focusing on areas such as web application development with ReactJS, Django, and FastAPI. This approach ensures our participants prepare well for the current demands of the industry and can secure employment quickly.

Summer School

Last year, Developers Lab proudly hosted a free Summer Programming School, giving young aspiring programmers an intensive, hands-on learning experience. The course started with the basics—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—building a solid foundation. Then, participants dove into more advanced topics like ReactJS, Django, and databases, culminating in a final project where they could showcase their skills.

We’re excited to announce that we’re continuing this tradition this year, offering the same high-quality, immersive educational experience. Additionally, the Summer School is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to deepen their programming knowledge and gain practical web development experience.

Upcoming Courses

Developers Lab is excited to announce our new course lineup aimed at enhancing our students’ programming skills for the upcoming year. These include:

  • Go Lang
  • Summer Programming School
  • New courses from October

Currently, we’re offering two ongoing courses: FastAPI and ReactJS. In June, we have scheduled practical one-day workshops focusing on Go Lang and Creating Packages in Node.js.

We’re also gearing up for our annual summer school, which promises to provide intensive learning opportunities. Looking ahead to October, we plan to introduce additional courses including Introduction to Web Programming and Python Programming. Each course is carefully crafted to provide hands-on experience and practical applications, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the evolving challenges in technology.

So, stay tuned as we expand our classes and empower aspiring programmers with the skills they need to succeed in today’s dynamic and competitive tech landscape.

Benefits of joining Developers Lab

Joining Developers Lab offers a wealth of advantages that can truly elevate your programming journey:

  • Passion for Programming: We inspire candidates to choose programming as their career path, fostering a deep passion for technology and innovation.
  • Practical Experience: Participants gain hands-on knowledge, equipping them to tackle real-world projects confidently from day one.
  • Initiative: We empower participants to initiate and lead projects with enthusiasm, nurturing entrepreneurial skills alongside technical expertise.
  • Teamwork: We conduct classes using the collaborative spirit of Scrum methodology to encourage efficient teamwork and enhance project management skills.
  • IT Networking: Connect and grow with a supportive community of IT professionals. Our network provides continuous opportunities for mentorship and career guidance.
  • Career Development: Outstanding candidates have the chance to secure employment or paid internships lasting two to three months, providing valuable industry experience.
  • Professional Network: Build lasting connections within the IT industry. Your network here isn’t just about contacts—it’s a gateway to new opportunities and professional growth.

At Developers Lab, we’re committed to enhancing your technical skills and empowering you to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.

Hands-On Learning

We’re firm believers in the impact of hands-on learning. Our courses are crafted to be engaging and interactive, prioritizing practical exercises, coding projects, and real-world applications. This approach not only helps students grasp difficult concepts more easily but also ensures they retain their knowledge over time.

This hands-on experience mirrors real industry practices, and ensures our learners are well-prepared for the challenges they’ll face in the future.

The Developers Lab Initiative, Coinis

At the heart of it all, our goal is simple: to empower youth with the practical skills and confidence needed to excel in the ever-evolving world of technology.

A Vision for the Future

Coinis’ commitment to the Developers Lab initiative reflects a broader vision for the future. Investing in young minds enhances each child’s personal development and contributes to Montenegro’s growth and prosperity. Accordingly, we believe empowering youth with essential tools and knowledge is key to a thriving community.

As we look ahead, the importance of such initiatives becomes even more apparent. The world is rapidly changing, and technology is at the heart of this transformation. By providing young learners with a strong foundation in programming, we ensure Montenegro remains competitive in the global digital landscape.

Fueling Growth in Montenegro’s IT Sector

We believe in the power of education and early exposure to technology. We’re dedicated to empowering our youth with the essential tools and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s digital age.

According to a recent analysis by ICT Cortex under the RECONOMY program, Montenegro’s IT sector is experiencing rapid growth, making it one of our fastest-growing industries. This study highlights how the sector contributes significantly to our GDP, with more companies emerging, increased financial revenues, and growing community interest.

In 2022 alone, the ICT sector generated an impressive 602 million euros in revenue, a remarkable 23% increase from the previous year. Consequently, this growth is driven largely by telecommunications, followed closely by IT services, products, and equipment sales. Furthermore, over the past four years, net earnings have skyrocketed by an incredible 102%, showcasing the sector’s strong upward trajectory.

Initiatives like Developers Lab play a crucial role in this landscape. As a result, these efforts meet the demand for skilled professionals, keeping our country competitive in the global digital economy.

Looking forward, as technology continues to drive global change, it’s clear that investing in programs like Developers Lab is essential. By empowering our youth with solid programming skills, we prepare them for successful careers and actively foster the expansion and development of Montenegro’s IT sector.


In conclusion, Coinis’ Developers Lab is much more than just a community initiative. It represents a profound commitment to nurturing the potential of young minds and giving back to Montenegro. Additionally, Coinis’ commitment to education and innovation is commendable and essential for a technology-centered future.

By investing in young learners and equipping them with success tools, we meet immediate needs and foster long-term growth. This proactive approach bridges the gap between potential and expertise, and also keeps Montenegro competitive in the global tech arena.

Simultaneously, through Developers Lab, Coinis leads by example, showing how businesses can drive positive change in their communities. Our efforts go beyond teaching coding—nurture ambition, and empower young Montenegrins to dream big and achieve their goals.

The pace of change within the technology sector remains consistently rapid, presenting both challenges and opportunities. As we continue to witness these exciting developments, it becomes crucial for us to adapt and innovate. We stay committed to educating the next generation and equipping them with the necessary skills. And also keeping pace with technological advancements but also helping shape a future where technology enhances lives globally. This commitment is what will define our success and resilience in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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