New Feature: AI Generated Push Creatives (BETA)

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Written by Benjamin Dobardzic

New Feature: AI Generated Push Creatives (BETA)

Yes, Coinis Advertiser Platform has a new feature. To advance advertising campaigns, you will be able to employ the AI to develop optimized ads, titles, and content.

The way you produce and tune push ads, and ads in general, to drive performance will likely undergo a revolution thanks to AI technology, which will also give more tools to rise in the competitive world of online advertising.

AI Generated Push Creatives

When we think about your needs and what could make your life on our platform easier, a lot of things come up to our mind. However, there is one thing that is for sure a pain point for every advertiser – creating successful creatives with high CTR and CR.

By combining newest technologies and advertiser’s pain points we have developed a feature you are going to love – AI generated push creatives! As one of the key traits of our advertiser platform, comparing to others is the dedication of your account manager. Now, that combined with AI sounds like a combo! Getting clear guidance on what to do and what works best and having a shortcut to getting an idea of what your content should look like is a game-changer.

All you need to do is to type in a generic copy which contains the information you need to get out there, for example : Sweepstake offer that offers a free $500 Amazon gift card.

The next step is to choose how many headlines you want.
Choose whether or not you want to use emojis and the platform will generate headlines and a description for you. You may use these headlines or at least get inspired by them and give ’em a little twist.

More Updates to Come

The hard work you have to do is to add an image and an icon, but, considering how enthusiastic we are with the possibilities that AI is bringing to the table, we’ll make it possible to add images somewhere in the near future!

If you still haven’t tried our platform, I definitely recommend you doing that right now! It just became much more interesting and profitable!

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