Why Push Notifications are Worth a Try

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Why Push Notifications are Worth a Try

Push notifications are short pop-up messages that appear on your screen independently from the browser and device you are using. App publishers may send them at any time, and users do not have to be in the app to receive them. They can accomplish various things, such as displaying the most recent sports results and encouraging users to take further the steps, such as downloading a coupon or informing them about upcoming events, like a flash sale.

History of push notification – how did it all start?

Back in 2003. Blackberry presented the first version of the push notification messages, informing users when they received an e-mail, appearing like a small tab on the mobile screen. Interestingly, it made Blackberry the most wanted business device for years.

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It can show us how important push notifications were from the very beginning.

Following that revelation, Apple launched in 2009. their version of push notifications with multiple channel messaging. Google then adopted the system, as the smartphones got into the same story.

To summarize, it is 2022. and we can not imagine a world of devices without all sorts of information served through our push notification systems, from media information to reminders and updates.

Browsers and OS that support push notifications

At this point, the operating system supporting push notifications is iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and ChromeOS.

When we talk about web browsers, the situation is Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari on macOS, and Safari on iOS.

Android and iOS push notifications

Types of push notifications

What Are The Different Types Of Push Notifications?

  1. A notification on a mobile app is the most popular sort of push notification.
  2. As a result of advancements in technology, they are now available on websites. This is how online push notifications, also known as browser push notifications, came to be.
  3. Wearable devices can also get push notifications. If you wish to engage such an audience, you should pay attention to this form of communication.

Difference between web and app push notifications

There is just one word – outreach! When we say outreach – we give advantage to web push notification.

You are wondering why? Simply because you do not have to send notifications through the application when sending the messages through computers, laptops, or mobile browsers. The other story is when you send a mobile push notification because the user has to install the application to get the message.

Push notifications CTR

As the researchers show, click-through rates (CTR) for push notifications can go up to 45%, and they are better performing than email, and the opening rate is 50% higher.

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Here is why: push notifications appear on your screen, unlike emails that stay unopened and unread for a long time. Therefore, short messages are more effective, and the fact that users can willingly choose to receive notifications.

What are push notifications made up of?

Various parts make up a push notification. Usually, a title, a message, an image, and a URL are included.

Write a brief title and prose that stays inside the character restriction, use images or emojis to convey more information with fewer words, include the correct URL and CTA, and send. Your subscribers will receive your first push notification shortly.

An example of a push notification may be seen below.

Push notifications are easy-to-receive communications that are short and effective. This makes them a good way for businesses to keep their customers interested even when they aren’t on their website.

Push notifications can help you achieve the following goals

Scale up the revenue

As a publisher, you can use push notifications to increase your revenue and the engagement of your users, building a unique relationship with them.

Increase your traffic

You can measure the website traffic through push notifications; by engaging with the content of your website, they drive back the users to it.

Real-time updates

Push notifications allow you to send relevant information and the latest updates and changes that might affect everyday life to your users.

Increase the visibility of your message

When you ensure that your communications are seen right away, you can see even if users aren’t active at the moment. So send time-sensitive notifications while maintaining a consistent user experience to increase the visibility of your messages.

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Reveal interesting new content to your users

When you publish new content that users find interesting and relevant, you also increase engagement. You are boosting your traffic, and new content can be seen automatically when you publish new exciting topics.

Increase Conversions

Design push campaigns around in-app prizes, promos, discounts, or other deals to boost sales.

When you use notifications, you can trigger an immediate purchase, like sending information about limited offers and special prices. So it will boost your CR in the long run.

Create a Connected User Experience (UX)

Send transactional notifications to keep users informed and build a smooth cross-channel experience to reduce friction along the customer journey.

Improve Your Business

Your communication approach will need to scale as your audience grows. As your consumer base grows, push notifications are an effective way to communicate with them.

Increase User Retention

Many users install the app, for example, and do not use it. This is where push notifications take the stage.

Push notifications allow you to improve user retention when they realize that there are benefits to reusing your product all the time, with personalized offers, valuable reminders, and breaking news.

Gain customer insight

Push notifications provide insight into the statistics regarding click-through rate and open rate. Through this detailed reporting system, you can get to know your audience. That means that you get a chance to change everything that might get better performing results.

What else can push notifications do for your business?

Send relevant, meaningful, and interesting content via push notification. Besides sending valuable content via messages by segmenting users into different categories, you should use location. For example, you can use GPS and geofencing to send notifications based on their location.

It would help if you did not spam your audience with push notifications. So, it is vital to find the right frequency in sending them.
Also, it would help if you kept them short. The research shows that messages with a lower word count have a higher click rate, so keep it under ten words.

If you intend to work on your conversion rate, be sure to send personalized messages by personalizing the campaign using the user’s name if possible.

This is why you should test them

1. Reach out to your target audiences when and when you want

Both publishers and advertising may use push notifications to improve user experience. Push notifications can assist you by pinging customized material to consumers’ screens while they are already logged in to their preferred channel and simply appearing with updated information.

Reaching audiences in the right place at the right time is simple with the appropriate push notification platform. The platform should be able to assess your published material automatically, connect it to specific audience profiles, and offer suitable content to each user depending on their preferences.

2. Provide users with selected information to keep them interested.

Push notifications are similar to emails — they are sent directly to the user and are tailored to their preferences and habits. At the same time, publishers may send mass push notification campaigns to enhance brand exposure, client retention, and conversion rates without breaking the bank.

3. Encourage visitors to return to your website

In the end, your goal for your push notifications should be to encourage consumers to return to your website or mobile app and engage with your content.

4. Monetize your content to increase money

Push notifications have more advantages than merely increasing organic engagement. They may also be a helpful monetization strategy for boosting income and giving value to ad partners.

So, is it worth a trial?

So, how can you see the effectiveness of your campaign and interpret your data the right way?

While industry standards are valuable for getting a high-level picture and establishing broad comparisons, understanding what your push notifications aim to do is more crucial. If your goal is to provide consumers with all of the information they need in a single push and your open rate is high, this is not the desired outcome.

This indicates that consumers are using the app to grasp your message better. They could dismiss the message if they had all of the information contained within the push. As a result, always consider influence as a metric rather than just openings.

Although open notification rates might indicate great engagement, combining analytics is crucial to obtain a complete view of your success. For example, conversions, delivery rates, active users, opt-outs, and uninstalls may all be used to provide a more detailed picture of how push notifications affect engagement and retention.

To understand if the metrics are truly representative of strong app engagement, it’s critical to collect as much campaign data as possible.

That is not all!

Yes, we also have a place where you can run your own push campaigns, an Advertiser platform and we offer you our push notification campaign ad format as well!

You are wondering how to set up a campaign on our platform? We are here to assist!

First, you have to set a general configuration consisting of the campaign name and campaign vertical.

Then, you will proceed to the targeting of the campaign. You can target the audience through different options: targeting GEO location, operating system, browsers, user freshness (target users by hours or by days), day and time, IP and ISPs, and device manufacturers/types.

Upon that, you will proceed to traffic sources where you can target users by specific SubIDs & Placements.

After that, you will set the budget and bids for the campaign, cost per click, and period of the time for the campaign budget.

Then set the conversion tracking links.

Upon that, you can manage creatives for your campaign, we provided you to create 15 of them.

Save your campaign, and you are all set! On your dashboard, you can track the performances of your campaigns. In addition, you can see reports and the finance section (funds and invoices). 

To log in on Coinis DSP, click here and follow the instructions mentioned above.

On the other hand, if you want to monetize your traffic, just log in to the Coinis publisher platform and start making money.

It is a simple setup that will be an excellent option for your business and scaling up your income.

If you have any questions for us, contact our team, and we will get back to you shortly!

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