This is How we do, Persist, and Maintain Social Responsibility

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Written by Isidora Matovic

This is How we do, Persist, and Maintain Social Responsibility

We take pride in being one of the companies interested in broader social issues rather than those that impact our profit margins. An essential component of our work is becoming active in our community.

Being a socially responsible organization is helping us make a change in our local community (and globally) and raise awareness. We also noticed that it boosts our employee morale, making them more productive and motivated to advance in their work areas. In addition, we do our best to encourage our people to achieve good through social responsibility by using company resources.

Coinis is increasingly focusing on social responsibility, advocating women’s rights, protecting the environment, humanitarian actions, mental and physical health, etc. We’ll briefly present them.

Mental Health Day

Supporting mental health awareness is no longer an option; it is necessary. It’s no surprise that work-related stressors can harm one’s mental health.

Our employees have the possibility of taking a paid ‘mental health day.’ They can take a day off from work to do something nice for their mental health and well-being to prevent their mental health from degrading.

What is a mental health day, exactly?

Employees may require a mental health day to relieve stress levels that have accumulated, causing physical effects such as anxiety or difficulty sleeping, or if they may be struggling to manage their emotions or stress levels.

Taking a “mental health day” does not mean ignoring responsibilities and tasks at work or abdicating responsibility; it’s about taking charge and being proactive in reducing the risks of physical illness caused by dealing with mental illness struggles and rising stress levels.

Additionally, allowing employees to take mental health days aims to minimize absences. For instance, when people show up to work when they aren’t essentially able to work efficiently and adequately.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) study, anxiety and depressive conditions cost over a trillion dollars in decreased productivity every year.

(Naveen R. Mental health in the workplace: World Mental Health Day 2017. Indian J Occup Environ Med. 2017;21(3):99-100. doi:10.41032Fijoem.IJOEM_148_17)

Women Empowerment

Female empowerment is a universal good that’s one of the keys essential to the health and social development of families, communities, and countries. Coinis is committed to always giving its best effort to ensure that all women feel safe, respected, and supported in the workplace. Providing equal pay for both sexes, preventing gender-based harassment and abuse, promoting a balance between family and private life, and protecting health are essential for us.

Women in the company have the same opportunities as men to advance, perform at a higher level and earn bonuses, take on more responsibility, and lead. All promotions in the company are based on the evaluation of business results, not on a preference for men over women or vice versa. In short, equal pay and working conditions for all are imperative.

As mentioned, here at Coinis, we cherish our employees’ health. That includes mental health days, private health insurance, healthy meals, free psychological help, and incentives to engage in physical activities. In addition, we have two more benefits only available to women. First, menstrual hygiene products are always available in women’s restrooms. Second, if necessary, women can contact the HR department and request working from home at the expense of painful menstrual cycles. We hope to reduce stress and enable people to prioritize their health and body care.

Related to this, we’ve implemented policies to help employees balance work and family life. Likewise, we understand that parents need time to care for their children’s physical and mental health and their normal development. So we’ve enabled them to take work days off. That goes for both male and female parents. Family first!

Educational Program of Electrical Engineering

We participated in the practical education project for the Educational Program of Electrical Engineering for web and mobile applications in Podgorica as part of ICT Cortex. In this way, we hoped to start contributing to students’ inclusion in the IT labor force.

Jovan is one of the high school students who, after completing the course, got the opportunity to work for Coinis. We are delighted that young people are interested in this type of education we provide. We strive to give young people opportunities and a chance to be a part of Montenegro’s rapidly growing IT industry.

The student organization EESTEC LC Podgorica, and the Union of Employers of Montenegro, organized a fair for student jobs and internships. So, Coinis was a golden sponsor and a participant of the “JOB FAIR” organized last week in Podgorica. Of course, this job fair was a fantastic opportunity for young people to find a job or practice. But it was also a place to exchange ideas and information in our industry.

Coinis Podgorica Running League and Coinis no Limits Triathlon

We are all aware that living a healthy lifestyle is essential for our overall health and well-being. But sometimes it’s not easy to make changes to our habits, mainly if we’ve been used to living a certain way for a long time.

That’s why raising awareness about healthy lifestyles is so important. It helps employees and the community understand that health is often taken for granted. Our company has committed to raising awareness about the importance of healthy habits to combat that. We want our employees and the community to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. And we are here to support them in making good decisions.

A Project of the Triathlon Club Podgorica aimed to promote health, sports, and recreation, through which our employees spent time together running in nature. The health of our employees matters to us, and we are enthusiastic about any physical activity that they choose!

Here at Coinis, we believe our responsibility is to support sporting events and our employees by guiding them to new and fulfilling opportunities. We have always shown a particular commitment to any sport our employees enjoy, and we see a way to have a broader impact on our community through it. We know that by participating in events like this, we can make significant contributions to raising awareness about the importance of sport in Montenegro.

That was our main motivation for Coinis to become a general sponsor of the “No Limits Triathlon.” Some of our employees were the participants – our colleague Tin completed the triathlon, and the Coinis team won 3rd place in the relay – Nikola, Omar, and Ilija. We can’t help but mention Anđela, Neda, and Darko, who ran a half marathon for the first time! We could not be more proud! 

“Čini Dobro” Foundation

“Čini dobro” is a non-profit association that has brought together numerous Montenegrin companies known for their socially responsible business. We all do good and implement initiatives that will have a long-term positive impact on the entire community, guided by philanthropic goals and community-oriented.

Moreover, we invest in healthy and progressive ideas to empower young people, create educational opportunities for them, and contribute to Montenegrin society’s digitalization.

Recentluy, Coinis donated 11 fully functional desktop computers to students of the Electrical engineering high school in Nikšić. This donation is part of the ICT Cortex, the foundation “Čini dobro,” and our contribution to enhancing students’ work and performance.

We always participate in various charity initiatives. It is one of the best ways to express our love for humanity. It’s an act of altruism, which we do for the common good. There are numerous opportunities to give back to the community. We can volunteer our time, donate money, or raise awareness for a cause we’re passionate about. Whatever form it takes, charity is always worth doing. It’s a selfless act that benefits both the giver and the receiver. When we give, we receive the satisfaction of knowing we’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Voluntary Blood Donation

Donating blood is a noble act that fulfills the donor’s desire to help another human being. It is a humanitarian act and one of the most effective ways to demonstrate compassion for our living beings.

Coinis participates in voluntary blood donation events as part of ICT Cortex. According to the American Red Cross, donating one unit of blood can save up to three lives. Therefore Coinis believes this is an excellent way to act as an example of social responsibility and do good.

Voluntary donors are considered the safest donors. they are driven by altruism, a desire to help others, and a feeling of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Recycling Activities

This year, Coinis has made a small contribution to environmental protection through recycling. We value sustainability and want to contribute to a better future for our planet.

We know recycling is important because it helps reduce the waste sent to landfills, where toxic chemicals are discharged into the environment. It also conserves resources – recycling materials can reduce the need to extract new raw materials from the earth. We are committed to recycling as much as possible in our company and encourage our employees to do the same at home. We can all make a big difference if everybody makes the slightest effort!

As a result, we now have sorting bags on our premises for our employees to take to recycling centers. This is an excellent way for us to contribute to the real battle for ecological sustainability.

One of our primary goals is to establish our environmental commitment, provide clear standards for a workforce to follow, and assess our performance in reducing waste.

According to a Planet Ark survey, 80% of employees believe having recycling facilities makes them feel like they work for an ethical company.

Each tonne of recycled office paper saves:

  • 0.67 tonnes of Carbon dioxide emissions (the equivalent of driving a car 3,243 km)
  • 731 kWh of electricity (which could power 1.5 houses for one month)
  • 0.37 kL (about 2 bathtubs)
  •   Waste weighing 0.96 tonnes

We feel proud when turning back and seeing all the positive things our actions created for our society since we started – every small step we took matters. Also, we plan to continue the community-oriented work with equal enthusiasm in the future, and we hope to make the list of our contributions longer with time.

Junior Achievement Montenegro

We believe in the power of youth. Every day, we see young people full of energy and ideas capable of changing the world. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to support them. This year, we had the opportunity to do just that by participating in the Entrepreneurship Festival in Montenegro. The festival was organized by Junior Achievement Montenegro, a network dedicated to helping young people succeed. We were thrilled to be able to contribute to their efforts. By investing in youth, we are investing in the future. And that’s something we can all feel good about.

The first National Competition for student enterprises in Montenegro took place on the Boulevard of Knowledge from Cetinje to UDG, within the “Festival of Entrepreneurship” framework. We were a part of the event – our colleague, Tamara, was an expert jury member.

The national competition brought together the 20 best companies in the country run by high school students. With that many good ideas we had the opportunity to hear, choosing the best, we admit, was a challenging task.

Stock Exchange of Entrepreneurial Ideas

It is essential to support young people in overcoming initial business challenges and turning good ideas into profitable businesses.

Entrepreneurship among young people is essential to support the economy and society. It has significant economic potential and is a source of growth employment. The enthusiasm and energy of young people are the driving force behind the development of the economy and society.

berza preduzetnickih ideja
Our CEO, Anton Jurovicki, on an XII Stock Exchange of Entrepreneurial Ideas, UDG, Podgorica

For the twelfth year in a row, the Stock Exchange of Entrepreneurial Ideas took place on the 9th of May, 2022. This event gathered young people’s best innovative business ideas and business community representatives who financially and professionally supported young entrepreneurs in their efforts.

The first Montenegrin Space Program

For a good reason, space is often seen as the final frontier. It’s a vast and unexplored territory that offers endless possibilities for discovery. That’s why we’re enthusiastic about supporting Montenegro Space Research. This ambitious initiative will focus on science and research, aiming to improve Montenegro’s image in space exploration. The CubeSat project has the potential to inspire a new generation of explorers and scientists, and we are proud to be a part of it.

montenegro space program coinis
How cool is this photo of us? 😊

Coinis Hub

It is often said that knowledge is power. This is especially true in IT, where new technologies and developments are constantly emerging. To keep up with the latest trends, IT professionals must continually update their skills and knowledge. However, professional training is only part of what is needed to create new jobs and develop technological innovations. For these innovations to take place, an inspiring environment is also required. This environment should provide access to modern equipment and facilities and allow collaboration between different individuals.

Therefore, Coinis recently equipped a computer room with the most modern equipment at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Montenegro.

This renovation of the computer room is an investment in healthy and progressive activities to empower young people, create educational opportunities for them and contribute to the digitization of Montenegrin society. By investing in young people and giving them access to the best resources, we can help them reach their full potential. We are proud to be able to make this contribution to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Montenegro and hope that it will have a positive impact on students.

We Invite YOU to Join Us

Being involved in all these activities motivates us to bring everything to an even higher level and invite all companies to follow these standards. With this, not only are we becoming stronger, we are giving back to the people and making the world a better place. But honestly – a better place.

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