What Are The Influencer Marketing Trends

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What Are The Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing hasn’t stopped growing in 2020. It’s one of the leading ways of advertising these days – it’s very accurate and relevant and tends to draw the best and most relevant potential customers. Simply said ‘marketing reflected in the efficiency. 

This kind of marketing is more common among the marketers and it seems that, as we move towards the future, the landscape of this industry grows and improves fast.

Precision, accuracy, and profitability aren’t the only benefits of this type of marketing. As the marketplace changes, the influencer marketing evolves and adopts those changes. Another reason why this marketing process is so popular is that it’s online and it follows the latest trends. 

The efficiency of the influencer marketing

Like we mentioned earlier, the influencer marketing evolves from year to year. It’s taking over the traditional & paid marketing and influencer events are rising in popularity. Brands are feeling even more confident when it comes to this type of advertising. The profit that the influencers gain to the brands is better than the ROI accomplished advertising by other marketing channels. 

Channels for influencer marketing

In 2020 the Instagram remains the best channel for the this kind of marketing. It occupies the first and the second place when it comes to the popularity of the influencer marketing channels – with regular posts (78% of marketers) and stories (73%). 

Right after Instagram, youtube takes third place with a total of 56% of this marketplace. 

Facebook and online blogs take approximately 45% of this online marketplace.

Social media and other platforms such as Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitch, and Pinterest have an important role in the influencer marketing industry, but they don’t take as significant percentage of the marketplace as Instagram and Facebook do. 

Instagram trends

In 2018 Instagram launched the IGTV app that can also be accessed through Instagram itself.  By now, it has become one of the main channels within the process flows. This long-form video market represents the perfect advertising channel and has become one of the main 2020 Instagram and influencer marketing trends. 

Tik Tok, Twitch and Snapchat 

TikTok and Twitch are emerging as more prevalent influencer marketing channels. As we step into 2020 we can notice how the popularity of these channels grows as it comes to online marketing trends. These apps allow you to express your creativity and influencers on these platforms draw a large number of audience. 

These three are different at first sight, but their similarities come to light as we speak of nowadays online trends. They draw the attention of different audiences and by that, they spread the aspects and benefits of the influencer marketing landscape. 

Gaming influencers

Gaming influencers won the hearts of many during the past few years. It’s still kind of new thing for the public, but YouTube gamers and Twitch streamers have become very popular, such as Pewdipie who is basically a brand himself. The influencer marketing industry spreads fast and has sucked these trendsetters into the business. Marketing through gaming influencers isn’t as common as it’s the case with Instagram for example, but it’s predicted that during 2020 it will only grow and evolve.


As one of the most effective marketing tools today, influencers aren’t going away any time soon. But how we partner with them will continue to evolve in 2020 and generally in the future. Brands need to be willing to test and learn to find the strategies that work best for them.

In all, 2020 will definitely be a year of maturity and growth for this type of marketing. Not only will brands find more unique and creative ways to engage with consumers through influencers and influencer marketing, but platforms and teams will continue to innovate and evolve to support the industry’s growth in the future.

Influencer marketing trends are important of course, and make sure you keep up with them. Here is an interesting blog from Single Grain about Influencer Marketing Trends you need to read.


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