In-house CPA Offers for Mobile and Desktop

At Coinis we present our partners with unique offers with high CPAs in untapped industries. Start monetizing your website traffic!

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PPI Install Solutions

These are pay per install offers intended for high-quality download traffic and webmasters of categories such as download portals, streaming, file-sharing, torrent and alike websites.


Chrome Extensions

With our collection of 100+ affiliate offers we make sure to award our advertisers with browser extensions that have high CPAs, or the possibility of a rev-share cooperation.

Push Subscriptions

If you have a huge volume of visitors or remnant traffic that can’t get you anything, look into advertising our CPL Push subscription offers that pay per qualified subscriber or rev-share.


Multiple in-house software

We have more possibilities for affiliates & networks where they can promote various in-house PPI products, without fear that earnings could get split between us and some middleman.

Better UX with Localized Funnels

All landing pages are translated in more than 30 languages by native speakers to guarantee a better user-experience and more clicks and conversions. You no longer have to wonder how to monetize your traffic!


In house platform for affiliates and networks

We have engineered a platform that caters to the needs of our affiliates and networks. Once logged in, users can see dashboards with detailed graphics, comprehensive stats, various possibilities and much more to enable easier tracking of CPA campaigns.


Full-Assistance with
Dedicated Account Managers

When in need, you’ll be looking for someone you can trust

That is why Coinis provides highly trained account managers who can follow you at each step of your journey with the highest-paying CPA offers on the market. Want to learn about new ad formats and monetization solutions? No problem, we got all the info!


Get paid weekly

We are always thinking about our publishers and know that frequent payments are the most important business aspect for them. Withdraw your earnings weekly via one of 50+ payment methods.

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We mostly work with utility offers for both mobile and desktop traffic. Regarding the desktop traffic, we have our in-house installers and browser extensions.When it comes to mobile traffic, we mainly work with VPNs and various cleaners.And finally, the offer that comprises both desktop and mobile traffic is our push notification one click offer which, at the moment, is our star product with an amazingly high CR and available for world wide.

They are mostly websites belonging to a download vertical, thus streaming, file-sharing, gaming websites on both mainstream and other traffic.

Obviously, the US is the best performing country in most of the cases, followed by other Tier 1 GEOs such as UK, CA, AU. However, in many cases and depending on the offer, all GEOs have good potential just waiting to be discovered.

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