Can I promote your Search feed via Facebook?

Yes, you may get a dedicated Search feed for Facebook and other high-quality traffic sources such as native traffic, non-organic, display, Facebook, or maybe Push traffic. In addition, you can get a search arbitrage feed for this type of traffic.

We will explain in short terms what search arbitrage is about. Search arbitrage means buying advertising space on one platform (like Facebook) to get traffic and then sending it to a monetized page of search results from different search engines. Clicks on these search results generate revenue for the marketer you are monetizing with a given search feed.

For promoting a search feed on Facebook, the feed provider gives you a search feed link that you add to your Facebook campaigns. When someone clicks on a Facebook ad, it will open a search page result of search browsers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other browser search feed, with a relevant keyword already searched. Once a user clicks on particular search feed results, both the search feed provider and you earn money, and actual user clicking is taken to the advertiser’s page.

There are two ways of promoting search feed on Facebook with Coinis:

  1. One Click Flow – By clicking on the ad that had been seamlessly integrated into the site, the user is redirected to the search page with relevant ads to the topic that the user clicked on.
  2. Two-Click Flow – When the visitor is served with a pre-lander, that will send him to the promote service/product listing links with a related link on prelander. In reality, it means better targeting for the user’s real intention and thus higher RPC!

Before you start promoting search feeds on Facebook, you get all the assistance from our dedicated account managers. One of the things you got supplied with is the list of the best-performing keywords weekly.

Also, we have our in-house dashboard so you can track the performances of the campaigns you created in real-time and check the performance separately for each market you are monetizing.

Our enthusiastic and committed team of account managers is always at your disposal for anything you might need.

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