Can you provide us with a direct search feed?

Short answer – Yes, certainly, count on us when it comes to getting a direct search feed.

We have exclusive feeds for Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Google for some countries. Regardless of the feed you are interested in, we will assist you and share best practices throughout the whole process. Our team will guide you, from requesting a feed to starting to optimizing your campaigns.

Our experts will help you get approved by Bing & Yahoo fast. Besides that, we have direct deals and we are working with some shopping sites which are embedding your search into their websites. We are always open for testing, and for you, this means a high possibility of getting a direct search feed. This, of course, mostly depends on the characteristics of your traffic.

Hosted search pages will redirect you straight to Yahoo or Bing search page. Search results have accompanied IDs or name tags that help us (and search providers as well) identify where the traffic is coming from. This is an option that gives you full Search Engine experience and all the ads that come along, compared to XML search options.

More about the setup process:

Before we provide you with a feed, you will receive a list of questions about your traffic. Answering these questions with as much information as possible allows us to be efficient – if you satisfy the criteria needed for being approved, we will be able to provide you with a search feed in the shortest amount of time. From here, you will get an account manager and receive instructions related to the technical part of the setup.

These types of campaigns do not require a complex setup, and the account manager will be there to assist you while getting started. You will be able to track your performance in real-time through our intuitive dashboard. You can optimize the campaigns as needed here. With our support as well.

stats from coinis dash with info about earnings from search feed monetization

The revenue that you will be earning depends on your traffic quality in general. RPM for the countries depends on your traffic quality and the keywords! From our experience, traffic from the US will bring you good revenue. Regardless of the GEO, our technology will automatically route users in order to get the best possible RPMs and Traffic Quality. 

Have the following in mind: The conversion can be reported within a few minutes, but the revenue takes up to 36 or 48 hours to be confirmed.


Important information regarding the payment terms:

We work on the rev-share principle, with an 80/20 ratio. These are the terms that can be renegotiated in the future if our cooperation turns out to be successful.

Industry-standard in the search sphere which we operate on as well is Net45. This means that you will get paid within 45 days from da date you sent the invoice to us.

For payments, we use wire transfer. If the amounts are smaller, there is an option of getting paid via PayPal. 

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