Does The Average Payment Time Depend on The Program Category?

Yes, depending on the program category, you could be waiting anywhere from a few days up to over a month. Payment time is decided by the advertiser and is usually displayed within a program.

To get an idea of the average payment time and the reasons behind it for some of the categories is:

Online stores – 30 to 50 days

In this category, order delivery time might take from 1-2 days to over a month, depending on the store location, customer’s address, mail, and courier services. There is also a possibility of a product being returned from the customer.

Financial programs – 10 to 35 days

For example, the user’s application for a credit card can be approved quickly, taking only a couple of days. But the approval process for a deposit can be longer, and the confirmation of your payment could take up more than a month.

Travel – 50 days to several months

This segment has a unique quality: many customers will reserve their trips, flights, and other services up to six months or even one year in advance. This increases the possibility for the customer to reconsider and cancel any orders they made.

Compared to other programs, those in the travel category generally have a longer processing period because the advertiser needs to be sure that the order has been paid for and not canceled in the meantime.

Utilities – almost immediately

The flow for these offers is pretty simple, and the advertiser can confirm the action as soon as it happens. This means you’ll receive your revenue quickly (assuming there were no problems with your traffic).

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