How API integration works?

An application programming interface (API) connects enterprise systems through their API, which provides those systems with exchange data. It enables interaction between data, applications, and devices, in a way that delivers data and facilitates connectivity between.

API integrations are essential for many high-performing businesses that keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue. API is also defined as an online programming interface of the organization, as it provides different applications to communicate with backend systems.

Two or more systems with APIs can interoperate in real-time, which saves time and money and is far more reliable in terms of information currency and data accuracy.

In the Coinis Publisher Platform, you can find the section API Integration Guide on integrating our system with your tracking system.

In the guide, you can see what query parameters API integration supports on our Publisher Platform.

Query „Key“is the authorization key, the required parameter to access Zone ReportAPI. Contain only digits and letters. You may obtain your authorization key from your manager.

Query „resType“ is also required. This parameter is used to specify the response type. Available values are table (JSON) and CSV.
Query „columns“ is required. Value is a string that can take multiple values separated by a comma. In this field, you should pass labels that you expect in response. Predefined labels that can be used are:

  • date,
  • hour,
  • zone_name,
  • country,
  • os,
  • os_version,
  • browser,
  • browser_version,
  • impressions,
  • clicks,
  • leads,
  • rpl,
  • rpm,
  • cr,
  • fill,
  • fill_rate,
  • revenue,

Queries that refer to date range: „date_from“ and „date_to“ are also required.

Query „limit“ is optional, and by default, the limit is 20.

Query „offset“ is also optional, and by default, it starts from 0.

Query „ordering“ is the last one in the row, and it is optional. For „ordering“ you can use one of the labels from the columns list. For descending, just use column name, e.g., revenue, and for ascending, use – symbol, e.g., revenue.

The next step in the process is to get your account API key, and you can contact your account manager to retrieve the API key.

Send GET request to the endpoint given in your dash in the „API integration“ section- 2. Send GET request“.

set get request explanation for API integration

In the end, make sure that everything is set right.

First of all, validate that you have received a valid response.

Make sure that you received a response body as shown in the example below:

response body example when asking for info for api integration

API Report, integration experts across industries called out some of the top integration challenges their companies face today: integrating legacy applications, revenue loss due to integration issues, integrating new applications, and poor application & system visibility.

An application programming using a modern integration platform can help you address each of these challenges and more and help you deal with all the difficulties you might have.

API integrations are the glues that hold together technological developments, and you can take advantage of its benefits to make your system function without any interruptions.

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