How can I monetize my extension?

Monetizing your extension can be a great way of driving passive income. For example, if you have a Firefox Addon, Edge extension, or Chrome extension, you can monetize its’ search feed and start earning money. The most common search feeds used on all the browser extensions and add-ons are Bing & Yahoo.

Another common way of monetizing your extension is selling advertising space. It involves displaying ads when the user uses the extension. Display ads, for example, are a popular option when it comes to monetization. It entails displaying various advertisements, including interactive, pop-up, video, and interstitial ads. One of the advantages is that ads can be projected to be relevant to the users.

Extension owners can make revenue when users download their browser extensions in a way that offers related apps and other relevant services. Fix price for each download can be set.

In the previous period, asking for a donation became very common. This option allows you to ask for a donation and make the option for your users to pay for using your extension. Therefore, it is more likely that users will pay more than a minimal amount for the use. Therefore, it may benefit your budget and the visibility of your extension at the same time.

The last option is selling the extension, which will most likely be a one-time payment instead of a passive income.

Maximize revenue from a browser extension

You must build your user base to make a significant profit with your extension. That is the key to success regardless of your mechanism to monetize your extension.
Here are some tips on how you can work on your users base:

  • You have to produce high-quality extensions because low-quality products want to bring up many users
  • Always “please” the mass. In this case, it means answering all the questions, replying to feedback requests, and bonding with your audience through social media and forums
  • And finally, place your browser extension on more than one platform, at least at Chrome and Firefox browser

Monetize your extension with Coinis

Coinis offers many monetization solutions for your browser extension. We can help you reach your greatest potential, from direct search monetization to push ads. 

We offer you premium search feeds for your extension to help you preserve a high-grade user experience.

Besides that, we provide you with deep data analysis, which helps you get the best possible RPMs. 

In our intuitive dashboard, you can track the results, which helps optimize your feed performances. 

Our account managers will assist and share best practices on how to get approved by Bing & Yahoo so you can start monetizing without obstacles.

If the integration process seems too complex, we are also here to help. You will get your account manager available across multiple messaging platforms and ready to help you.

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