How can I monetize my traffic without a website?

Selling web traffic is a great way to increase your earnings, and you don’t need to have a website for this. You can simply buy traffic and resell it later. This practice is called traffic arbitrage.

What is traffic arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage happens when you buy traffic from a traffic source for a suitable price and redirect it to another source that will pay you more than you did.

Usually, you buy traffic through a landing page, native or banner ads.

We will go through a simple traffic arbitrage flow:

  • Choose the ad network that suits you for arbitrage. The biggest players here are Google AdSense, Yahoo!, and Bing, but there are smaller networks that you can turn towards
  • Check if your buyers allow traffic from the ad network you choose
  • Create preferred ads on the networks
  • Hide the real sources of your traffic (you can do this by using a landing page)
  • Run your campaign

Note: Make sure that your feed is as clean as possible, since above-mentioned companies want to maintain the highest possible traffic quality and have very strict policies that could get you banned if you don’t comply.

The key here is to find clickable and cheap traffic that is high in quality, and create quality campaigns to sell it for better price.

Who buys traffic?


You can sell your traffic to publishers. They use it to send it to their websites and landing pages. There are many publishers who use paid traffic to attract quality one and monetize their websites.

Publishers affiliates 

They use paid traffic to direct it to landing pages they created with the goal of promoting products from affiliate programs. Their aim is to attract the best-converting audience that will convert into sales, based on which they will get paid.

Affiliate marketers 

Affiliate marketers buy traffic to send it to the landing pages of other players in the market. They take an offer, go to Google or Facebook and buy the traffic that they can direct it to the landing pages and earn when the conversation has been made.

Examples of paid traffic sources

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most effective sources, but at the same time, one with the highest criteria. Here, having a defined target audience as well as legitimate products to promote is a must in order to get approved.


Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook is the place where publishers connect with their affiliates by paying to expand their reach to the audience of their interest. This method brings high-quality traffic to publishers at a relatively low cost.

Ad Networks

An ad network is a place where you can sell your traffic directly.

Like many out there, Coinis is a network that can assist you in scaling your traffic and converting it into leads and sales quickly.

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