How do I add a contextual ads widget to my website?

Contextual ads work by choosing verticals with many pre-defined keywords and matching them to the content of a webpage with the website’s content. The automated system displays relevant ads based on the matching. This increases your website monetization potential.

The ads are displayed in a widget that, besides the content, should also match the look and style of your website.

Contextual ads are available on our Publisher platform, and you can add a contextual ad widget to your website in a couple of steps. The whole platform is user-friendly and intuitive, and the process is very simple. However, we wanted to make it even easier with this detailed step-by-step explanation. So, let’s get straight to the point:

Adding Contextual Ads Via Publisher Platform

Go to your Publisher account and select Zones from the menu on your screen’s left-hand side. It will look like the photo below but with more data in case you’ve already added other ad formats in the past.

The zones section is where you can see all the existing ad formats (zones) you currently have on your website and add new ones. To add a contextual ads widget to your website, click on Add Zone


A pop-up window will appear (see screenshot below). Here, you will see the selection of ad formats that are available on our platform. We’re interested in contextual ads, so let’s select them.

A new window with the general settings section (that is open by default) will appear. Under it, you should complete the following steps:

  • Create a name for your widget. When thinking of a name, make sure it’s simple and associative. Besides the name of the page you want to place it on, some key characteristics should be a part of it, e.g., Funky (describing the style), blue (the color of the widget), News (section of the website the widget is placed on)
  • Add the link to the web page you want to place the widget on
  • Choose a vertical that should match the content fo your website. Regarding verticals that you can choose from, available once are: Appliances, Health, Auto-Parts, Business-Services, Automotive, Fashion, Finance, Health, Online Services, Services, Travel, Electronics, Eyewear, Accessories (Fashion), Flights, Furniture, Home-Decor, Home-and-Garden, Home-Office, Jewelry, Kitchenware, Laptops, Effective Online Searching, Mattresses, Cell-Phones, Online Shopping, Furniture, Pet-Accessories, Pools, Refrigerators, Road Safty, Sandals, Clothing, Clothing, Shoes, Sport, Tires, Vacations.
  • Remember that this ad will be monetized in US, UK, AU, and NZ.
  • Pick a style for the widget. This is a great feature that lets you preserve the visual identity of your website

Customizing elements you use on your website to even greater details. This could help you bring the appearance of contextual ad widgets even closer to the looks of your website. We know this is important for many website owners. That’s why we had this in mind when working on contextual ads and provided our users with extensive customization options.

You can see what the widget looks like on both desktop and mobile devices.

After you’ve set everything, click on Create and Get Tag

Instructions that demonstrate how to add code (tag) for your website will appear. 

Copy the tag that showed up and paste it at the end of the body tag on your website.

As shown in the photo above, it is important to input the code you receive on the platform correctly. That’s how you ensure that the ads will start appearing on your website. 

If you’ve followed the instructions, you’re done! There’s nothing to worry about. 

Sit back and watch your revenue increase!

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