How many ads can I show per one webpage?

Advertising plays a crucial role in the website monetization. Due to that fact, website owners must know how to discover the appropriate number of ads that should be shown per webpage. In addition to that, content is also very important for the website monetization and therefore, it should be unique and interesting in order to attract more visitors to your webpage.

Many publishers believe that more ad placements are profitable and that they bring more ad revenue. However, this is not the case since the number of ads that you show per one page should be highly correlated with your content. In other words, balance between content and ads brings better user experience and higher ad inventory’s value.

This balance is very important because if number of ads goes beyond your content (i.e., if you put too many ads on your website) several troubles can occur:

  • Less amount of revenue that site generates
  • Less return visits
  • Less pages per visit
  • Website would be slower
  • Declining clicks and impressions

However, there are no limitations on how many ads you can show on your webpage, but we highly recommend that, due to the reasons mentioned above, you should carefully examine the appropriate number of ads for your website.

There is no correct answer on how many ads can be shown on a website because it depends on several factors such as: layout of the webpage, length of content, content quality and user behavior with regards to page views per day and session duration. Session duration shows the amount of time that the average user spends on the website. 

To conclude with, you should tend to focus on the quality of the content shown on the website rather than increasing the number of ads. You need to keep in mind that a website with an excessive number of ads disinterests and rejects visitors while, on the other hand, good quality content on the website attracts and brings more users who come to your website.

Disproportionate number of ads damages the ad revenue, the quality of the website and consequently, the user experience. 

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