How to change bids per source

So, you started a campaign, had some results, and started optimizing.

One thing you will, for sure, want to optimize are sources. You will Exclude all the sources that are not profitable for you after some time.

But, on the other hand, you will have many profitable sources, some more and some less.

In that case, you can change bids accordingly to the profitability of the sources. You can lower or raise the price of each source separately.

Change the price

To do that, you must go to the “Reports” page, select a campaign you want to optimize sources, click on a small “+” sign to expand the column, and see all sources for your campaign.

Click on the “+” sign to see all sources

After clicking there, we will get all the sources from which this campaign is getting the traffic:

Now, we want to change a bid for source “3” because it is extremely profitable for us, and we want to get more traffic from that source.

To do that, on the row where source “3” is, we just need to click on the “+” in CPC column.

Each click on the “+” button will increase the bid for a certain percentage.

So, it goes up by 9%, 21%, 33%, 45%, 61% and so on…

The same thing is for lowering the bid. You click on the “-” sign and lower the bid by a certain percentage each time.

In this concrete example, the bid for source “3” currently is $0.133, while the campaign bid is $0.1.

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