How to create a global blacklist?

First, let’s see what a global blacklist is and what it does.

A global blacklist is a list of sources from which you don’t want to receive traffic on any of your campaigns.


Let’s say you put source “11111” to your global blacklist. That means that you won’t receive traffic from that source to previously created or newly created campaigns. It’s blocked globally on your account.

It will be blocked globally on the account until you remove it from the global blacklist.

A global blacklist is different from a list (local list) because you choose on which campaigns you want to add a local list, while a global blacklist is added to all campaigns by default.

Now that we know what a global blacklist is let’s see how to add it.

How to add a global blacklist?

To add it, go to the “Lists” page.

There, you will see it’s created for you by default. All you can do is Edit it. So, to edit it, click on a small pen icon.

After clicking on the pen icon, you will see this. So, here, you can add all the sources you would not want to receive traffic from on any of your campaigns.

On the right side, you can see all the campaigns it is applied to; on the left, you can add sources.

Here, I have added five sources to a global blacklist. The campaign called “Campaign #1” or any campaigns that we create in the future won’t receive any more traffic from sources “11111”, “22222”, “33333”, “44444”, “55555”.

After you’re done with adding sources, click “Save Global List”.

After that, you will see how many sources you have on the global blacklist and how many campaigns are affected by the global blacklist.

How to remove a global blacklist from campaigns

Let’s say that, for some reason, you want to remove a global blacklist.

To do that, when creating a campaign, go to SubIDs & Placements. There, you will see this:

By default, the global blacklist is applied to your campaign. To remove it, all you need to do is to click a small “x” icon next to it.

In this case, I have removed a global blacklist and will receive traffic from sources in the global blacklist.

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