How to Join an Affiliate Program?

To join an affiliate program, go to the All Programs section on your dashboard and pick a program you would like to get access to.

To find a program you’re interested in or that matches your criteria, use the filters provided.
For example, to find programs you can join immediately, choose Public programs from the Select access type box in the filters.

For the On Demand programs, click on the one you want to join, read the terms and if you agree with them, click Accept Terms of Use and Request Access.

You’ll receive a set of questions about your traffic. Answer them, and if they comply with the rules and terms of the program, you will get you will receive a confirmation email and access to the program.

Your request will be reviewed by our compliance team and/or advertiser and you should get an answer within several days.
Once joined, you can start working: create a campaign, get an affiliate link and place it on your ad space.

If your traffic doesn’t comply with the requirements, your request will be declined and you will receive an email to inform you.

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