How to properly target Browsers versions?

When creating campaigns, go to the Browsers Section.

There, you will see this:

By default, all browsers are selected.

Since that is not practical or advisable to do, you have the option to target specific browsers.

After clicking on “Target specific browsers,” you will see the following:

Here, you have the option to choose a browser you want from the dropdown menu. To see browsers, click on the form field:

From the dropdown menu, choose which browser you want to target. For example, let’s say you want to target Chrome.

If you want to target specific Chrome versions, tick the “Show versions” button.

You will see this. The next step is to click on Version Type, where you will see this:

Here, you have three possibilities. You can target:

  1. All versions – targets all Chrome versions
  2. Exact version – targets exactly one Chrome version you choose
  3. Minimal version – targets all of the Chrome versions above the one you choose

All versions

Targeting all versions, you will get traffic from all the versions of the browser you choose.

Exact version

Targeting an exact version means you will get traffic only from the exact version of the browser you choose.

From all Chrome versions, you can choose only one.

Let’s say you choose to receive traffic only from Chrome 104.

Minimal version

Targeting a minimal version means you will receive traffic from all the versions above the one you selected, including that one.

In this case, by targeting Chrome 104 as a minimal version, you will receive traffic from Chrome 104, Chrome 105, Chrome 106, Chrome 107.

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