How to reset your password?

You can request to reset your password for several reasons, such as forgetting or entering the wrong password multiple times. Namely, if you enter the incorrect password five times in a row on your Coinis Advertising Account, you may get your account locked.

To reset your password, please go to the Coinis Advertiser Platform and enter your e-mail address in the provided space. Then click on the “Submit Request” button.

Upon that, please check your inbox, and there you will find mail from Coinis Team with the subject “Reset Password Request for Coinis Advertising Platform.” To reset your password proceed to the link given in the mail and click on the “Reset Password” button. The link will take you to the Coinis Advertiser Platform, where you will type in your new password and confirm it. Then, you will click on the “Submit Password” button.

Upon resetting your password, you will get redirected to the Coinis Advertiser Platform, where you will insert your email and new password to log in.

You will immediately get access to your Advertiser Account.

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