How to target specific countries?

When creating campaigns, go to the Geo Targeting Section.

There, you will see this:

Here, you have two options: You can target one specific country or a Worldwide. Worldwide means that your campaign will seek traffic in every geo we have traffic.

Note: Targetting Worldwide is only recommended if you promote a product that can receive traffic from any country worldwide. Usually, when targeting worldwide, you will first receive traffic from countries where traffic is cheaper.

Why can I target only one country?

This is done this way because of the bid differences. Each country has a specific bid. Even a different targeting (such as browsers and OSs) can change the bid. By targeting only one country per campaign, you will receive the right traffic and the right amount of traffic for the money you invest.

Targeting regions

You can choose if you want to target a whole country, or you want to select a specific region from the country.

For example, we are targeting the United Kingdom. But, we don’t want to target the United Kingdom globally, but only England. To do that, click on Target Specific Regions.

Here, we choose to target only England as a specific region.

This way, you can have more control over your campaigns.

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