I have a browser extension. Can I monetize it with you?

Yes, our company is able to provide you with solutions to monetize your browser extensions. You would be able to choose from multiple monetization solutions. We can give you our premium Yahoo or Bing search feed and use our Push solution for your browser extension. You may also combine Search + Native + Push Notifications which equals a full-circle monetization solution.

How to start?

It is super easy! Just register on our platform and our Account Managers will get in touch with you. We have a process where we check your product and verify it. After that, we move forward and help you with making your first income. You may get in touch with one of our search monetization experts and get the advice you need on how to start. Get advice on how to engage more with your audience, get more users, etc.

If you start your search feed monetization journey, you may expect assistance from your account manager, and they will help with changing search settings by your requests and scaling up. Do not forget to do as much as possible A/B testing of your campaigns and pay attention to exploring the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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